[Hpn] Situation not better in Montreal

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FRAPRU chides Charest

The Gazette, Montrel, November 13, 2003

Premier attends Alberta benefit while Quebec homeless left in cold.

Kevin Dougherty
Gazette Quebec Bureau

Quebec – Housing advocate François Saillant said yesterday it is « 
paradoxical » that Premier Jean Charest flew to Calgary last night to roast 
Alberta Premier Ralplh Klein at a $175-a-plate benefit for Alberta’s 
homeless when a leaked report indicates Charest has no money for Quebec’s 

« It’s all very well that he is going to Calgary for the homeless benefit, 
but he isn’t looking after his own backyard, » Saillant said, noting the 
Charest government’s action plan to fight poverty has laudable intentions, 
but no means to follow through on its stated goal to help itinerants.

Saillant noted that a shelter in Gatineau, with room for 24 homeless people, 
is completed but stands empty because there is no money to hire social 

« It isn’t very reassuring for the homeless here that he is hanging around 
with Ralph Klein, » said Saillant, who heads the group FRAPRU, Front 
d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain.

In December 2001, on his way home from a Christmas party, Klein made an 
after-midnight visit to an Edmonton homeless shelter, where he got into a 
shouting match with a resident.  Shortly after the incident, Klein admitted 
he has an alcohol problem.

Rion Sillito, spokesperson for the Calgary Homeless Foundation, explained 
that last night’s event would be the fifth time Klein has been roasted for 
the homeless.

Last year, the Klein roast raised $100,000 for homeless shelters in Calgary. 
  This year’s event will gross $225,000, Sillito said.

Saillant noted that the Parti Québécois government proposed $128 million 
more for public housing and the homeless in its budget last March.

The Liberals’ action plan to fight poverty, which FRAPRU has obtained, 
proposes no additional funding, leaving Saillant wondering how a promised 
13,000 new units will be built.


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