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Letter to the Editor:  Efforts remembered

By Thomas Guiterrez - Abilene Reporter-News - November 8, 2003

Abilene, TX -  I don’t really know who you are,
veterans, or which war you fought in; but regardless,
you have my respect.

Some veterans are homeless. To me, a veteran of any
kind deserves at least a place to stay.

If you are the kind who does have a home, or the kind
who cannot leave a hospital bed, what do you think of
such veterans?

I often wonder what veterans think of and why they
think the way they do.

I know that wars have always been around, like an
endless waltz in history.

You have fought in some war in history, so that makes
me wonder how you feel, knowing veterans of future wars
will be filling your place and telling their tales
after you and that other veterans of the war you fought
in are gone.

However, your memory will not be forgotten. The people
of every generation will remember your efforts and will
be glad we can live in a free nation.
Thomas Guiterrez, Cooper High School Junior ROTC
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