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ROMA Update: Massachusetts Self-Sufficiency Continuum Project

September 2003

Attention: Self-Sufficiency Continuum / Workforce Development

Case Studies and Other Materials on:
Using a Self-Sufficiency Continuum as a Framework for Workforce

The number of low-income individuals and families in the nation is
substantial, even though many of these individuals are working
full-time. A research project conducted in 2002-2003 set out to better
understand whether and how community-based programs could help
individuals get the kinds of training and other services that would
to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages.

The attached materials are the output from that project, which
reviewing programs involved in helping people achieve economic
self-sufficiency. Specifically, the study focused on workforce
development services provided along a continuum consisting of several
phases that working families move through, from the early stages of
dependence, poverty, and low-income status to higher levels of
self-sufficiency and prosperity. Although not the focus of the
additional dimensions of self-sufficiency (i.e., social, cultural, or
civic) were also considered.

The research found support for the growing awareness among
and practitioners that closer integration between community-based
organizations and the workforce development system is necessary to
low-income individuals and their families from poverty to economic

The project team represented a unique partnership between the
Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD),
Massachusetts Community Action Program Directors' Association
(MASSCAP), and Commonwealth Corporation with its research partner,
FutureWorks. The project also received input from numerous stakeholder

Materials which may be of interest include the following:
--A Research and Evaluation Brief
--A Case Study Report
--A Program Profiles Document
--A Workbook Based on the Study
--A PowerPoint Presentation on the Study

These materials are available on the Web at:
--http://www.state.ma.us/dhcd (later date)

We hope you find these materials useful and welcome any feedback.


Juanita Zerda
Policy and Planning Unit, Manager
Division of Community Services
Department of Housing & Community Development
One Congress Street, 10th Floor
Boston, MA  02114

source page:  http://www.state.ma.us/dhcd