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"Dignity Village"  A realistic alternative to streets

By ISRAEL BAYER - The Oregonian - November 04, 2003

In response to your editorial, "Time's up for Dignity Village"
(Oct. 28)

Dignity Village is a realistic alternative to people living on
the streets. More than 1,600 people live on the streets, after
all the emergency shelters are full. It's not a reality to move
people into affordable housing under the current system.
Millions of dollars go into combating homelessness. Our city is
spending its resources on ending homelessness, yet people are
still living on the streets. We are decades away from having
enough affordable housing in Portland to fulfill the need.

People living on the streets are subject to more violence,
constant police harassment and the ultimate kicker, the weather.
Dignity Village provides a safe and dignified alternative.

"Street Roots" believes the village should be allowed to stay at its
current site until the 1,600 other people living on the streets are

Villagers are not living in a "fantasy" land. It's The Oregonian
editorial board that's living in a fantasy world and advocating
for the fairy tale!

ISRAEL BAYER is the Director of "street roots" Southwest Portland
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