[Hpn] Eugene, OR - Homeless Scramble for Shelter - KVAL 13 TV News - November 3, 2003

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Homeless Scramble for Shelter

By Craig Sklar - KVAL 13 TV News - November 3, 2003

Eugene, OR - Cold nights mean more families scrambling for shelter.
Subfreezing temperatures this early catch some off guard. They
are now as important as food and shelter.

St. Vincent De Paul stockpiled these supplies ceiling high. Five
days into a cold snap, this mountain of blankets and sheets is
much smaller .  "The demand for these sheets and pillow cases,
that goes out really fast," says Jake Dudell of St. Vincent De

Supplies translate into protection for hundreds of homeless
families in the Eugene area. Kevin Flynn and his three children
came up from California. He didn't expect twenty degree weather
on Halloween night. "That's one thing i didn't plan for. I was
planning for that to be in the winter time not fall time," says

At least they can spend their nights at a church under the
Interfaith Shelter program. Beds are expected to fill each night.

Others live in campers or worse. And they are not always prepared
for the cold. Nancy didn't want her face shown but she talked to
us about her wintry life in this old camper.

Many like a person who goes by the name of Nancy live in campers
with failing propane heaters  "It blows out with the wind and so
we have to get up and turn it on again because if it gets too
cold it never catches up," says Nancy.

She's not alone in what has become a frosty autumn in the
Willamette Valley.

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