[Hpn] indoors, finally

paula farrell paula_95814@yahoo.com
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:30:57 -0800 (PST)

I don't remember if I told you, yet, that I got an
apartment on Sect. 8 in June?  I've been living
outdoors for about 7 years (except for a couple
winters indoors).  Its a bit of an adjustment.  I feel
kind of decadent compared to my old lifestyle, a
comfortableness that pretends at happiness, but isn't
necessarily.  Outdoors there was more an immediacy and
strenghth of my gratefullness for any small blessing,
that appeared to me as a miracle. I don't know how to
explain it exactly.  
Another adjustment I'm making is in my professional
life.   I used to participate in a few organizations
as the token "homeless" rep, now I'm the token
"formerly homeless".  I have been getting alot more
work done because of being indoors, place to sort
papers, a borrowed computer, books, and new types of
miracles are finally happening (I've been coming
involved in sustainable communities study group and
connections are opening up astoundingly quickly)
I hate it when I tell someone I'm indoors now and they
say "Great, Paula, you deserve it".  Everyone deserves
it!  Its a human right to have a home and if there are
no homes available, then cities should let you have a
piece of land to pitch a tent.  I heard thats a policy
in Cuba.
I really am not asking anyone to respond to this, just
wanted to express myself, If you don't mind.

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