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My apologies if this is a repeat message, however it seems my first attempt 
at sending this to the HPN list failed -- if I managed to sent it out in the 
first place. -- MWB

Using Pop-under Window Tool to Promote Campaign(s) to End Homelessness

As posted on the personal blog of Morgan W. Brown
Norsehorse's Home Turf: http://nht.blogspot.com

Friday, November 07, 2003

Homeless Pop-under Experiment: Sharing Norsehorse's Home Turf Visitor's with 
the Bringing America Home Campaign during this coming season of giving

In the spirit of what the Internet and especially Blogging gave birth to as 
well as the coming season of giving, today begins an experiment in sharing 
visitors who come to this blog with the Bringing America Home Campaign 
<http://www.bringingamericahome.org/> via what are known as Pop-under 

Bringing America Home: the Campaign

"This national, broad-based initiative is dedicated to the goal of ending 
homelessness. The Campaign is founded on the principles and action of public 
education, grassroots organizing and support for progressive policies and 
legislation. It is founded on the principles that people need affordable 
housing, livable incomes, health care, education, and protection of their 
civil rights."

Initially I was going to begin this homeless experiment using the National 
Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) <http://www.nationalhomeless.org/> Website 
for the next couple of weeks.

Then, as I was checking out the NCH Website, I noticed the link for the 
Bringing America Home Campaign and it was an easy decision to start off with 
that particular Website first.

In about two weeks or so, I most likely will change it to direct to the NCH 
Website. After a couple of weeks of hosting that site in this way, I will 
probably change it to feature local (Vermont) Website's focusing on 
homelessness as well of course, for roughly the same time period more or 

This homeless experiment, in sharing visitors to this blog with other 
Website's that are focused on ending homelessness, will last until the New 
Year (January 1, 2004).

Pop-under Windows?

Pop-under windows are vastly different than those intrusive popup windows. 
With a Pop-under window, when the host site is visited, it is found in a 
second window underneath or alongside the window of the Website the host 
wants to share with its visitors.

While Internet surfing this morning I came across mention of the Pop-under 
window at Weblog Central within their Weblog Resources List. Actually their 
link led to the PopUnder Project found on another Webpage.

If you are interested in following suite, the script for this originally 
came by way of the following and can also be found at: Cut & Paste Pop-under 
window http://javascriptkit.com/script/script2/popunder.shtml

Credit: JavaScript Kit http://www.javascriptkit.com/

Description: Pop-under windows are becoming increasing popular as a less 
intrusive alternative to popup windows. Use this script to add a pop-under 
window to your page; simply input the page/address to pop under, and off you 

*Make sure to note* that you will have to change the Web address for the 
site you want to host (i.e., having your blog or Website pop-under the other 

In addition you may want to adjust the frequency. My setting is 1 (in this 
specific instance, the number equals: yes), making it only engage once 
during any given windows session. As using 0 (in this specific instance, the 
number equals: no), would enable it to pop-under or re-engage each time the 
host blog or Website is refreshed.

Morgan <norsehorse@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA
Norsehorse's Home Turf: http://nht.blogspot.com
Personal blog of Morgan W. Brown. Morgan, aka Norsehorse, is a struggling, 
but serious and persistent writer, poet and activist who resides homeless in 
Montpelier, Vermont, USA. He blogs using public access online computers.

PS Permission to freely share the above e-mail, as is, with others can be 
considered granted. -- MWB

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