[Hpn] For Tom

Sandra Andrews sandra@asu.edu
Sat, 01 Nov 2003 10:28:11 -0700

Tom, you know that you also have an HPN email address, but it isn't webbased. Web based email is easier to use, if sometimes slower.

Harmony, I think the issue has been one of connectivity. Tom does so much behind-the-scenes administrative work on this list that his time ON the list has been limited. I know how much work it is because I do it when there is a problem with huge amounts of spam and the list goes down, and also when he goes on vacation.

Someone has to login almost daily and take care of admin tasks, which include taking care of people who want to subscribe/unsubscribe, and taking care of the "holding pen" for messages that the mailing list software has flagged. There are a LOT of these so the admin tasks also include 

* approving messages members sent from the wrong address
* deleting spam instead of sending it on 
* forwarding messages from non-members that might be interesting to others
* etc.

If all this isn't accomplished, the email backs up in the holding area and the list goes down until we can get it fixed. So it's really kind of important that the admin have a regular connection.

The government has been saying (until last week, when the Education people admitted that we don't have equality for schoolchildren at all) that everyone is now connected to the Internet because everyone can get access somewhere. 

But that isn't really fair because if your access is the library, the hours provided and the transportation time required don't match home access. Not to mention the fact that you may have to stand in line at the library! It is great for a lot of people, but the list would suffer it Tom had to rely on the library or friends' connections. He has had to do that in the past at times, when his computer broke.



>Hi Tom, Virginia here, just to let you know that I can no longer pay 
>your Earthlink Account and there is a months fee due by the 13th of 
>November.   I had emailed you earlier to let you know about this and I 
>paid up several months ahead to give you time to take care of this, but 
>I got a bill today, which I returned, so I guess you have not gotten 
>hold of them as yet.
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