[Hpn] For Tom

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Sat, 01 Nov 2003 03:54:41 -0800

Hi Virginia,

While I realize that your message is "For Tom", it did go to the HPN list, so
I figure I'd toss in an idea for Tom, here:

Why not get a free, web-based email address that can be accessed from anywhere
there's a connection to the Internet?

There are a number of email service providers who offer an adequate amount of
storage space (I'm not talking about Hotmail here, with its puny 2MB's storage)...

The reason for using this free web-based email being that then one can stay
in touch with people- it's what I've used when homeless and I continue to use
it now after having managed to get a roof over my head.

Just a thought- and I'm mentioning it because this is not the first time this
has come up- I seem to recall its taking place a couple of times over the past
few years.

In fact, if one has a free website, one can go to zzn.com and subscribe to your
own email service and design your own domain name.
I've done this myself. This is my own:

WorldHome Email

which I got from going here:

If Tom wishes to, he could perhaps have http://hpn.zzn.com or whatever else-
like http://homelesspeoplesnetwork.zzn.com

There is also http://www.lookscool.com/ (which provides 10 MB's, at least I
have that much in my account)..



American Homeless

These are just several out of many.



>Hi Tom, Virginia here, just to let you know that I can no longer pay 
>your Earthlink Account and there is a months fee due by the 13th of 
>November.   I had emailed you earlier to let you know about this and I 
>paid up several months ahead to give you time to take care of this, but 
>I got a bill today, which I returned, so I guess you have not gotten 
>hold of them as yet.
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