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Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 20:23:26 -0400

From: Steve Gold <SteveGoldADA@CS.COM>

Senator Tom Harkin has introduced a "Money Follows the Person" amendment
to S. 1, the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill.  This amendment would put
law the President's Money Follows the Person Medicaid Demonstration

ADAPT has issued the following  national request that disability
call your Senators and ask them to support this Amendment to S. 1 Tell

1)       This amendment would enact President Bush's proposal for a
Follows the Person" Program, which was included in the President 2004
request as a major component of the President's New Freedom Initiative to
integrate people with disabilities into the community.  It would require
States to
move the money from the nursing homes and ICF-MRs to the community.

2)     This amendment would give persons with disabilities  the freedom
choose where we want to live.   It would allow us to take advantage of
opportunities that other Americans take for granted - to take a walk when
we want to,
to choose what we want to eat, when we want to go to bed, to have a job,
family and friends and be part of our communities. Tell your Senators
"Money follows the person" is strongly supported by people with

3)     This amendment is a win-win.  People with disabilities get the
to live in the community and states get the needed resources to rebalance
their long term service systems to increase the availability of community

4)     This amendment provides 350 million dollars to states per year for
five years for a total of 1.75 billion dollars.  It provides 100% of the
cost for
the first year that a person moves from an institutional setting into the
community.  After that, the federal government pays its regular

5)     The thirteenth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act
approaching on July 26th.  This amendment will help states comply with
the ADA
and the Olmstead decision. The Supreme Court said in Olmstead that
institutionalization was discrimination under the Americans With

As you know this is something that ADAPT has been supporting and working
for quite a while now.  It will help states comply with Olmstead, and
will be a
major step forward in getting people out of nursing homes and other

Tell your Senators that we urge them to support Senator Harkin's
#991, the Money
Follows the Person Amendment, to S.1, the Medicare Prescription Drugs

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