[Hpn] Advocates,activists all, every where thank you for speaking out!!!

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Mon, 23 Jun 2003 17:20:19 -0400

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  Dear Eli,
  This is Cindy here in NH. I am totally frustrated with you, and what you
are going through. It is not pity, it is compassion over the damn struggle
and  frustration about why we can't get the bigwigs and white collars in
America to understand that EVERYBODY needs housing first in order to get
their lives together.

  I just wanted to tell you that I totally agree with your opinion on
accountability. But I was distressed when I read the line about hating all
advocates because I am an advocate.
  Perhaps the difference here is that I am not a paid advocate. I work for
no agency, I collect no payroll. I survive below the poverty line and
therefor having used many homeless and other social services I have a good
handle on what works and what doesn't, at least here in NH and I have some
time on my hands in which I spend advocating for people to have access to
food, shelter, medical care, and even clothing or the decent treatment of
their pets and to be left alone from the harassment of the local police
departments. I do speak up and I speak often. All of this is relation to
homelessness in NH. Bill also speaks up often, and sometimes more than
people like. I know we have had our rants at times.

  I am sorry that you are feeling lost today, this week or even this year
but I want to encourage you not to give up your fight respect and decency in
the world. And I don't know if you are a Christian or not, sounds to me that
if you are, you are pretty angry at Ministers and such, but try to remember
that  yes the world is a horrible place, and there are many people who
pretend to care, but our higher power still has a plan for all of us.

  Let me tell you that back in 1991 when I fist got off the streets and
wanted to volunteer somewhere, I was asked to work over at the shelter (and
we have a wet shelter.) I absolutely refused to work with what I saw as skid
row bums I had fought my addiction and didn't want to be around the drunks.
Now however, I run an outreach van. It is full of things that are needed on
the street. I visit every camp in two cities every week. Yeah, A female
advocate walking up on homeless camps full of alcoholics. For five years I
have been doing this.
  But more than that, I am also a member of the National coalition for the
homeless. I get my information about events and stuff from their web site.
It sucks that someone charged them $15,000 for a site rather than give it to
them free. But shit costs money!

  If you think that more should be done in your area, if you are looking for
more people who could be advocates, don't sit around the coalition waiting
for them to walk in the doors. Create a voice of your own. Get some people
together and build on your voice. And before long, you could be where I am,
being an advocate, taking care of your needs as well as the needs of others,
and trying to fill in the gaps where the services don't reach because no
body knows the streets like those of us who have lived it. And no one can
teach others better about what is needed out here than the voice of
experience. So dude, don't give up, like the old song goes, you don't always
get what you want, but if you try real hard...you get what you need.

  this advocate signing off.
  cindy carlson

  Why isn't any of you joining in in speaking out, I can't anymore will
  someone take over. I have been pushing a shoping cart around with my
  computer put together from dumpsters and have been treatened with arrest
  plugging it in. I have had nowhere to use the internet but the coalition
  though I like the lpeople there as individuals (not as advocates, as I
  learned to hate advocates) I hate the organization and am going to change
  environment and give up the computer,

  Tinker I am off line, it makes no sense to me to be paying for a wesite
  space and not be able to finish developing it.

  You all just keep on pretending to be doing something, and keep on
  rev this and rev. that really gives a damn for anything but there
  organization and self edification