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From: Jan Lightfoot

This illustrates what Can Happen, as If it all Ready Transpired. Please
Post, and Email to Funders, Schools, Churches, Clubs and Individuals.

To end Poverty, Funders Need to Support the Poor Speaking for themselves.
Advocates must listen to and assist the poor in speaking out.

The Uplifting - by Jan LightfootLane

Unlocking of the Human Potential

written July 29-03

It was the darnest of revolutions ever seen. It was eons of human history
rewritten with the fall of an idea. not a drop of human nor even animal
blood was spilled. An accepted belief, a practice was cast aside within the
span of five years. It was replaced with the long touted yet rarely applied
idea of honoring those with the least.

The transformation came as quickly as if a shade had been opened, and the
workers suddenly realized they out numbered the their employers. They
outnumbered those in power, and those in wealth.

Few science fiction writers had mentioned a world without poverty. The ones
who did seemed to believe it would take a bloody upraising. The Uplifting
was as if one-day humankind miraculous just evolved. The basic human
conversion, happened at once in Europe as will as on the shores of America,
as in Asia, and all lands.

Advocates of the poor no longer asks for implements of improvements for the
working poor and the disabled. Instead they call for not just Fair wages,
but to honor the poor.

It took a few years, for middle-class advocate to finally realize that the
only those with daily front row seats has the solutions to human lack. But
from the first day churches, corporation and individuals, realized they MUST
Fund the poor in their effort to speak out, the day of exploitation of
millions was dwindling.

Advertisements claiming the rights of, and the honor the financially poor
flooded TV, airwaves, magazines all mass media.

One spot did a spoof about a millionaire telling her friend that, "My
portion of "Uplifting Humanity" only cost me one of my eight houses." and "I
sleep better at night knowing everyone is housed. Plus with giving
"According to the need," rather than tossing scrapes to a few and letting
the masses fight over it, by honoring those who create - most forms of
violence is a thing of the past."

Allies of the poor, beginning funding those with the least, to speak pout
for themselves; ushered in a new light on humanity. It unlocked person-kinds
potential which remained hidden for centuries. Humanities potential, was
hidden by a long accepted misconception of honoring power and wealth.

There were no marches in Washington DC, nor Tokyo, or Paris France, but the
depth and completeness this revolution reached, was unparallel in history
since cave-person time.

Most of the worlds population accepted Honoring the resource poor; and
paying them a wage which covered Food, Rent, Utilities, Health costs, all
the essentials of Life, including recreation and a vacation, was the right
thing to do. Sharing, according to the need, became the aim. Then few if
any, required handouts. Without the beggar on the streets there was no
guilt. It was replaced with the knowledge each of us creates a better world.

To turn this dream into a reality, contact Hospitality House Inc. PO Box 62
Hinckley ME.04944. Phone 1-800-438-3890. Right now we need cash for a
building fund. Then, funds to Help the Poor themselves, Speak Out.