[Hpn] MAine, Homeless Hotline two be homeless

john blackwell jonb@junglemate.com
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 21:24:02 -0000

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the Homeless HOtline . . . what exactly does it do? 

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From: janshouse@yahoo.com (Jan Lightfoot)
Date: 7/16/2003 10:38 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
To: kjedit@centralmaine.com (aug news),comments@foxnews.com (News National)
Subject: [Hpn] MAine, Homeless Hotline two be homeless

Contact: Jan LightfootLane
Phone: 207/861-7069 

I wonder If this news source, either can do a story on, or has assistance to help two 50 something women running the Homeless Crisis Hotline in Maine, Finance land or home in Skowhegan, Fairfield area in Maine. 

IN order to be the most cost-effective, The Homeless Crisis Hotline, has served Maine to Hawaii since 1989 from the home of its unpaid staff member. Jan has finally found a wonderful women to share her life with. These two 50 something women has vowed to honor, and respect each other in Sept 2001.

That included, utilizing the rent to own trailer Marlene was in for 3 years prior to joining her life with Jans. Which meant the 1972 single wide would become home to the struggling grassroots of Hospitality House Inc. 

AS with some rent to OWN Deals which sours, the landlord is refusing to budge on triumphed up wrongs. In this case, allowing the caring for Jan's mother's dog at the trailer, while Jans mother recovers from a stroke, she had over this Memorial Day weekend. 

The seemingly hard hearted landlord is insisting a cat and a dog who has been there since the first day of Marlene's residency, and 4 months before Jan Moved in. In order to make the couple relocate, Paul is insisting 3 animals be removed-even if that means breaking the heart of the 74 year old mother. Or if it entails the deaths of the animals. 

In non binding mediation, Paul agreed that the $11, 700 paid on the 30 year old trailer is enough to cover his costs and if moved by August 30th, the couple can own the shell of living quarters. 

THIS CAN LEAVE THE HOTLINE WITHOUT A PHONE JACK IN WHICH TO PLUG. OR not only these two animal lover's and 3 dogs and 21 cat be homeless; ironically, this can leave the Homeless Crisis Hotline Itself Homeless 

So need either Financial help, in buying a piece of land, or a home and placing the trailer on the land. Or someone to Donate either a piece of land with water and electrical hook-ups, or a house to Hospitality House Inc., Or to draft a good contract, working out financing for two thirds of a house or land. 

We are taking this as a sign, Jan and Marlene must focus on the non-profits too long ignored fundraising needs. Helping those in need has been the focal point, of the non-profits tasks. Since Jan 1989, much of the daily operating funds for twenty years has been provided by Jan, and other members. 

It is time that, Hospitality House Inc. become solvent. WE are asking the community which we serve, to help us meet this urgent need. As well as to help us accomplish better work. We are asking for cash donations of all sizes, many five dollar or hundred dollars bills could help us reach a down payment goal of $15,000, of even a $40,000 house.

Or there could be someone out there who can make a personal loan to two caring people with bad credit, dedicating their time to assisting others.

Those who cannot donate even $10.00 to the emergency PLUG THE LINE IN Building Fund, or to the Help Eliminate the Cause of Homelessness fund; we ask fore your prayers.

Our charitable, tax-exempt, non-profit, is at PO Box 62 Hinckley ME. 04944 Or Phone 207/861-7069. 

Jan LightfootLane

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