[Hpn] Re: These men are "scum" and they have got away with and done this for years!!

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Tue, 15 Jul 2003 23:44:42 -0400 (EDT)

  If there is profit and abuse then of course you need to be outraged.
Additionally I hope you are DOING something specifically about it.
Protest and rukus in the street is preferable to funerals any day. I
should know.I don't like police myself so I can understand that part of
your issue. Again all I know is what I see writen here- I'm NOT in your

  What I am writing about is that the food that gets donated NEEDs
distibution NOT being trashed. [ you'd be surprised how much of what
gets trash is small amounts of canned goods in addition to breads,
pasteries and fresh vegtables. And  what I've seen written about this
via the articles you have posted looks like redistribution to the needy
so far. As to your comment about my "history lesson", the stores donate
what THEY would be putting in the trash. They want thier tax write off
so they give it to soup kitchens instead. What I wrote was that INSTEAD
of throwing out surplus, we used it for the poor and homeless. They[the
stores] shoud be pleased that the food is used by those who need it; NOT
unhappy that the shelter that lets people die so easily also throws
suplus away for better accounting purposes. They get their write-off
anyway. So we need to make sure that suplus donations GET redistibuted
rather then thrown away or sold on the street.
                                  Solidarity Bork

 Brothers And Sisters,
> To steal from the disabled,homeless and poor is a much greater crime than
> it
> appears
> and this is only the tip of the iceberg here.
> This same shelter New Horizons has been operated by ex-police and their
> cronies for years and they have allowed some decent  people to die in
> exteme
> weather conditions,I know as I attended a couple of their funerals so
> please
> when you say you do not share my outrage than your not paying attention!
> Poverty pimps come and poverty pimps go but we need to be watch dogs for
> abuses to our brothers and sisters because that food was meant to be used
> in
> the shelter,I understand canned goods got a shelf life of 3-5 years I do
> not
> think this was headed for any dumpster,there was profiteering going on
> here,lets call  a DUCK a DUCK!
> At any rate thanks for the history lesson on what you do with your surplus
> food, I think any store donors hearing about this will now cut back on
> giving out day old bread and pastries because they will now figure its
> going
> to get dumped or thrown away any how.
> A Brother In The Struggle
> Bill aka Tink
> www.newhampshirehomeless.org
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> These men are "scum" and they have got away with and done this for years!!
>  Ok, I know I'll take flack for it but I don't share your outrage about
> this. This often happens in kitchens which recieve too many donations to
> be able to use the food before it needs to be thrown out. It often is
> the following choice- pass the food on to another place that will give
> it to people who need it OR THROW IT OUT as putrified garbage when it
> rots in the soup kitchens pantry. Which do you prefer- food to be eaten
> mostly by those who would go hungry or food to go bad and become part of
> a land fill? Nothing I have seen about these two has yet to make me
> think that this is anything different. I have seen no claims that they
> profited from it.[ Which WOULD BE outragous and contemptable! Just as
> contemptable as the poverty pimpdom of so many of these soup kitchens
> and shelters and other "service" programs!]
> I am homeless currently.  When I had a home, I volenteered at a soup
> kitchen. We regularly got too many of some items. It wouldn't fit in the
> pantry and the poverty pimp part of the soup kitchen wouldn't give out
> "extra' to its "clients". We would then informaly and "off the
> books"[though with the knowledge if not EXPICIT permission of the person
> who recived a fat salery from the soup kitchen- it saved on dumpster
> fees.]give it to other programs that needed it or distributed it to the
> hungry in the park ourselves. Because if we didn't, it would be put
> {often immediately] in the dumpster. I believe we did the right thing.
> And would do it again when faced with the same choice! Certainly the
> homeless and poor who got some food from us seemed to think so. But if I
> was in Manchester maybe I would be arrested. So go on - condemn me if
> you will but I would advise you to save your outrage for the real bad
> guys- the poverty pimps and the rich.   solidarity Bork
>  July 15, 2003
> Two admit guilt in
> charity food theft
> Union Leader Staff
> MANCHESTER, NH- Two former volunteers at New Horizons soup kitchen and
> food
> pantry have pleaded guilty to giving food meant for the hungry and
> homeless to a Manchester social club.
> William Egan, 70, of 1 Carpenter St., Hooksett, a former Manchester police
> officer, and Robert St. Onge, 68, of 59 Varney St., Manchester, pleaded
> guilty to misdemeanor theft charges Friday in Manchester District Court.