[Hpn] Police prepare to move homeless people from under bridges

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 We had the same thing happen in Turlock, here in Central California. One of
the local businesses complained to the city and county about the "vagrants"
(I HATE that word!) that were camping under the Golden State overpass. Me
and Niki went and checked the place out and found about 15 residents there
at that time, although it has had as many as 50. The camp itself was clean,
although there was some debris outside because of the city's refusal to pick
up garbage and trash.
Within a month or so, the city of Turlock gave a 30 day notice, then true to
their word, came in and razed the camp. It was pretty traumatic, watching
the bulldozers and heavy equipment run right through and over people's
I will say this for the city of Turlock. Through the efforts of my wife and
several other members of the Coalition On Homelessness-Stanislaus County and
United Samaritans, Turlock recognized the problems that homeless people face
and established their first cold weather shelter that winter and is now in
the process of building a full time shelter.
Now if only Modesto (the county seat) would pull their heads out of their
butts and follow Turlock's lead.
If you'd like to see an example of one of the camps at Camp Golden State, go
to our website www.cohsc.org  Bob and Pam's camp is on our homepage. There's
also a couple more pictures of them and their camp in our photo page.
Ken Lane
Editor-Curbside News