[Hpn] letter to my family by Z

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Sat, 12 Jul 2003 04:29:42 -0700

A letter to my family and friends
by Z June 30, 2003


It's time I spoke up with my own words. I cannot remain silent 
anymore, even if it costs me personally. All I hope is that my words 
don't fall on deaf ears, and that my concerns are not just brushed 
off. I have been personally affected by what is happening, and I want 
others to know what I feel. 

I am afraid. Everyday I step out into a world unlike anything I ever 
thought truly possible  a world of my worst fears. If only I could 
convince myself that I was afraid of shadows, I could then ignore 
that quiet voice inside that sees the things I wish were not there. 

America is no longer the land of the free. 

Our democratic republic officially died when five Supreme Court 
Justices, led by Chief Justice Rehnquist, installed George W. Bush as 
president of the United States. Despite the distractions of hanging 
chads and butterfly ballots, the fact remains that thousands of 
mainly black, mainly Democratic voters were purged from the voter 
rolls before the 2000 election by Bush's brother Jeb and Katherine 
Harris through DBT Technologies (now known as Centerpoint). Massive 
vote fraud occurred in Florida, to the rightful outrage of all 
Americans who know the available, but underreported, facts. When Bush 
still teetered on the edge of losing the state despite the vote-
fixing, Katherine Harris stopped the recount  a conflict of 
interest, as she was co-chair of Bush's election campaign in Florida. 
The United States Supreme Court then took the unprecedented and 
unConstitutional step of illegally selecting Bush as president. These 
facts are widely known outside this country and in the alternative 
media here, yet many of my fellow citizens simply refuse to even 
consider this act  a bloodless coup d'etat  as possible. 

Then came the accounting scandals. Enron, Tyco, WorldCom  which, 
despite being guilty of the most massive corporate fraud in United 
States history, has just won an $11,000,000,000 government contract 
to build a cellular phone network in Iraq. Kenneth Lay, CEO and 
fraudster-in-command at Enron, conspired with his fellow crooks to 
steal people's life savings, and has done exactly zero days in jail 
and paid zero dollars in fines. Little surprise, as Enron was Bush's 
biggest campaign contributor in no less than three elections  Bush's 
two governships and the 2000 election. No surprise that the Bush 
administration, which used Enron jets cost-free during the Florida 
recount debacle and whose leader refers to Lay as "Kenny Boy", would 
decline to seriously pursue the conspirators of this crime. 

I was affected by Enron's fraud. Remember hearing about the rolling 
blackouts in California, the jacked-up prices (Enron overcharged the 
state of California by billions), the conservation measures? I dealt 
with them. I paid the doubled electricity bills due to Bush's 
corporate friends, who met with Dick Cheney on the Energy Task Force 
the same task force that Cheney refuses to release documents from, 
defying a court order. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when 
it comes to Bush administration policies affecting me personally  
policies which will affect everyone as they consolidate their power. 

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I woke up to unbelievable words 
"Terrorists attacked New York." We watched the horror of that day, 
as all of you did. We cried. I walked around in shock for a week. I 
simply could not believe anyone could be that evil. And I fell in 
line with everyone else who so desperately wanted to rally together 
and stay strong, to refuse to be defeated by this insane act. I saw 
such beautiful support and love from all over the globe, courage from 
everyday Americans, and a chance to really look at our place in the 

Then Bush gave The Speech: we were going to attack Afghanistan. And 
I, shattered like so many, supported him. Believed him. Trusted him. 

That trust was misplaced, and it took ten months before I woke from 
the fog and started asking questions. 

Since then, I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about the 
rot at the heart of the United States government. I am, despite my 
colorful choice of nicknames, no radical. I am not a man of paranoid 
delusions about 'the gubbermint" and alien crop circle Bigfoot 
abductions. When I first discovered the emerging truth about the Bush 
administration and its recycled Reaganites  many of them considered 
downright criminals by the world at large  I became so angry that I 
ripped the American flag from my antenna and snapped its mast in two. 

No one likes to be lied to. And we have been. Repeatedly. What's 
worse, we fell for it, utterly. 

In the streets, I protested the invasion of Iraq, a country that was 
no threat to the United States, despite the lies told to the American 
public  told to you and I  by the Bush administration and parroted 
by the bought-off, gutless "liberal" (hah! liberal, my eye!) media. 
For my efforts to help call attention to the truth, I have been 
labeled a Saddam-sympathizer, a traitor  even told I had the same 
mindset as the abominable, murderous Osama bin Laden (who, by the 
way, despised Hussein and flatly refused to work with him, even 
offering before the Gulf War in 1991 to raise 100,000 soldiers to 
fight Hussein so that the United States would not base soldiers in 
Saudi Arabia). 

I was even pulled over by the police for having an upside-down 
American flag  a universal sign of distress  on my antenna. 

I have been verbally attacked, glared at with hatred, and intimidated 
by people, simply for expressing dissent via bumper stickers on my 
car. I have lost friendships over my desire to tell the truth about 
what's going on in America today. Even with all this, though, I won't 
remain silent. I love America, and I want my country back. 

By now, it should be obvious to everyone not too scared to see 
reality that things are seriously wrong in America. People  
including an American citizen   are being held without access to 
lawyers, without knowing the charges against them, their 
Constitutional and human rights violated. Even now, the United States 
military plans on adding an execution chamber to its shameful 
detention camps in Guantanamo Bay, where the Geneva Convention is not 
followed and 23 detainees have attempted suicide due to execrable 
conditions. Over seven hundred men, mostly Arabs, have been secretly 
detained since 9/11, despite the fact that our government has 
admitted that most of these prisoners have little or no links to 
terrorism. Military tribunals are planned for those deemed "enemy 
combatants"  a conveniently vague classification  solely on the 
decision of the Bush administration. The misnamed Patriot Act has 
stripped away fundamental rights and allows secret "sneak-and-peak" 
break-and-enter searches, roving wiretaps, and other privacy-invading 
tactics reminiscent of COINTELPRO, the former government program that 
spied on and infiltrated "unapproved" political groups, a program 
that was officially banned in 1976 due to police and state abuse. 
Library, book purchase, and internet usage records can now be seized 
by the FBI on demand. 

More than 50 of our collective sons and daughters in the military 
have died in Iraq since Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" aboard 
the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln  a surreal moment, since our flight-
suited Fearless Leader went AWOL in 1972 from the Texas Air National 
Guard, allowing others to die in Vietnam while his congressional 
father pulled strings to place his barely-qualified-to-fly son ahead 
of thousands of worthy young men. The Iraqi people demand our troops 
get the hell out of their country, angrier every day at the 
incompetent reconstruction efforts and continued shortages of water, 
food, and freedoms. Our soldiers have died, and continue to die, for 
the lies of an administration so intermingled with oil companies that 
it constitutes an environmental disaster all by itself. 

And I hear very little outrage. 

Instead, people shrug off the obvious, lie to themselves with the 
help of "fair and balanced" media (here's a hint: Roger Ailes, head 
of FOX News, worked for Reagan), and stay focused on so-called 
reality shows like Survivor and CNN Headline News. People say "well, 
it's all a matter of opinion", even when one can slap down the 
official documents which prove the truth about criminal enterprises 
such as Iran-Contra, Operation Northwoods, and the current occupation 
of Iraq. More than ignorance, I see fear in these people  fear of 
the truth, fear to face the fact that so much of what we have been 
told about our government is a sham, a lie told to keep us in line 
and under control. I know, because I once felt that same fear. 

Now I feel a different fear. We have the illusion of freedom, nothing 
more. To believe that the Bush administration has our best interests 
at heart is to enable their lies and further their agenda of "full 
spectrum dominance", as the administration-heavy members of the 
Project for the New American Century describe their ultimate goals. 
There was another time when citizens refused to see the encroaching 
darkness, instead turning their eyes to meaningless scandals and 
deceptive propaganda. That time was 1939 Germany, and the horror 
unleashed with the assistance of the deceived, compliant German 
populace still causes nightmares sixty years later. 

America is the new pre-Poland Germany, the reincarnation of Rome 
circa 492 A.D., and without a massive awakening we will follow that 
ancient empire into the abyss of history. If we fail to hold our 
government accountable for its actions, we will become the next 
tyrannical empire, in name as well as fact. We will be responsible. 

That is why I am afraid. 

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