[Hpn] Send protest-emails to osaka city authorities, and support streetsleeper/homeless comrades in osaka, jpn.

旅浪人/JILL 旅浪人/JILL"
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 00:41:04 +0900


 i'm rebel_JILL from osaka, jpn. i have joined an "Association of Poor
People in Nagai Park(Nakama-no-kai)" since 16 August 2000.
 by the way, on 3 JULY 2003(JPN time), my comrades of an "Association of
Kamagasaki-Patrol(Kamapat)" and  "Nakama-no-kai" will protest against osaka
city government to declare many violence to OUR STREETSLEEPER/HOMELESS
comrades. ...then, i would like to support our comrades & would like to send
protest-emails(or FAX) to tyranny of osaka city authorities!
 please send your protest-emails to following addresses, and send CCing to
kamapat@geocities.co.jp and also rebel_jill@geocities.co.jp . thanks.

@City of Osaka Chicago Office;
401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 660
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
Tel: 312.832.6001
Fax: 312.832.6066
Email: info@osakacity.org

City of Osaka, Dusseldorf Office
c/o JETRO Dusseldorf
Konigsallee 58
40212 Dusseldorf
Tel: 49-(211)1360261/62
Fax: 49-(211)320937

City of Osaka, Singapore Office
5 Shenton Way
#32-08 UIC Bldg.
Singapore 0106
Republic of Singapore
Tel: (65)220-8588
Fax: (65)224-998

Bureau de Representation
de la Ville d'Osaka a Paris
29, rue des Pyramides
75001 Paris
Tel: 33-(1)4015-9366
Fax: 33-(1)4015-9172

City of Osaka, Shanghai Office
Room 601, Shanghai International
Trade Center
2200 Yan An Road West
Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-(21)6275-1982
Fax: 86-(21)6275-1983

 below is a Statement of my comrades. Vi venkos! Ni venkos! Stop the War
against poors!! No pasaran!!!
 in solidarity & in harder struggle. (rebel_JILL)
More than 10,000 homeless people are living in Osaka city, which has 2.6
million population and is the third largest city of Japan. We, Kamagasaki
Patrol no Kai, are supporting homeless people in Kita region, north and
center part of the city. In the Osaka station, where we patrol (outreach)
every Friday night, there are over 200 homeless comrades. Most of them sleep
on the road, using corrugated cardboards or blankets as temporal shelter. As
we explain after part of this article,the Osaka city government has long
been carrying out so-called "Eviction Policy" against homeless people, in
spite of their responsibility.
Please sign your name in protest against Immediate Removal of Homeless
People's Luggage by the Osaka City Government.
We are planning to submit the petition to the Osaka City government with a
list of the petitioners.
Name of the petitioners (groups or individuals) will be publicized on the
Please write the name of your organization or region (city and state) next
to your name.
Please send your name to: kamapat@geocities.co.jp

Petition of the Protest against Immediate Removal of Homeless People's
Luggage in the Osaka Station by the Osaka City Government
Mr. Takafumi Isomura, Mayor of the Osaka City and the Chief of the
Headquarter of Promoting the Policy on Homeless People
The Chief of the Public Works Bureau
The Chief of the Section of Road Policy, the Public Works Bureau
The Chief of the Umeda Agency of the West-North Office in the Public Works
The Chief of the Public Health and Welfare Bureau
The Chief of the Section of Homeless Self-Independence Support, the Public
Health and Welfare Bureau
The Chief of the Department of Human Rights, Citizen's Affairs Bureau

Name of our Organisation: Kamagasaki Patrol no Kai
Contact Number and Address:
Tel & Fax: +81-6-6374-2233
Address : Osaka-Kita Winter Struggle Committee Headquarter, Ogimachi Park,
1-1 Ogimachi, Kita-Ku, Osaka-Si, Japan

At 9:30AM (JST) on 29th May 2003, the Environmental Bureau instructed by the
Umeda Agency of the West-North Office in the Public Works Bureau of the
Osaka City Government removed luggage of a dozen of homeless comrades living
around the streets of the Osaka station. There was no advance notice or
caution before the removal. Three comrades managed to get their belongings
back while officers were throwing luggage into their pickup, and they
insisted that the rest of the luggage belonged to other comrades. However,
the officers ignored their claim and removed the rest of luggage, including
necessary commodity like blankets and undershirts, jackets and trousers for
job hunting, bankbooks and seals, or photographs of parted children for long
or diplomas of graduation, just as trash. Removed belongings were
immediately incinerated. It is totally beyond imagination how much these
comrades, who have no reason to be treated like this, suffer from this
inhumane treatment. This is one of the clear examples of how Osaka City has
treated homeless people inhumanly, and we will never forgive it.
Last Autumn, the same case occurred on the same place during a garbage
collection on the road by Osaka City. Fortunately, at that time the
belongings could be gotten back before being incinerated, and after that as
a result of talks with the Umeda Agency, the Kamagasaki Patrol no Kai and
the homeless comrades of the Umeda area, we agreed that the Umeda Agency
would notify the homeless people by pasting notices beforehand as to
apparently abandoned belongings, and they would be preserved for a certain
period after the removal and would be returned to the owners if being asked.
We also agreed to be present in every garbage collection together in order
to avoid possible troubles rather than completely leaving its judgment to
the actual workers on the site about what is to be removed.
However, in this time, the Umeda Agency abruptly and unilaterally broke
these agreements. Moreover, the fact that they omitted to paste advance
notices, which should be done especially in case of official duty, and that
they ignored the claim by the owners of these belongings which were not
trash and removed all belongings to burn immediately, is nothing but an act
of murder and threat to homeless people's lives. The Osaka City should
strongly be condemned for having implemented such an act as a municipality.
Oka, who is the Chief Officer of the Umeda Agency said, "We did not know
much about the situation on the site" and "We've gone too far (to remove
belongings)" in the talk of 2nd June. Thus he admitted their responsibility
at first, but after that he also said, "Road is not for place to put
luggage", "If the belongings were so important, you'd better hold all things
with your body while moving". This is nothing but negation of the very
existence of homeless people who were forced to live on the street. These
are absolutely unacceptable statements as a civil servant.
At first, the authority tried to inflict responsibility on homeless comrades
who were on the site by saying "We removed them because they said OK".
However, on the second talk of 13th June, one of the comrades on the site
revealed the fact that he said to the officers "Rest of all are other
people's belongings". It means that he rather tried to save other comrades'
belongings against the abrupt removal. We immediately had called for
re-investigation about this fact, but they rejected by saying "There's no
need for further inspection", and thus they broke off a promise that they
would investigate the situation on the site till the next talk, which was
agreed in the first talk. In addition to these statements, they said, "We
will not take any responsibility. No Apology. No compensation", "Removal of
garbage can be implemented without any advance notice in case Osaka city
judges that the place are not being inhabited by homeless people". If same
acts are also repeated on other regions, as Oka and other officers say, it
should be a very serious problem that threatens the very rights of all
homeless people in Osaka to survive. We, absolutely, cannot overlook such a
Lots of brutal sayings and acts against the homeless people by the Public
Works Bureau which were revealed this time can be understood as a basic
standpoint of Osaka City, which names themselves the "International Human
Rights City". Osaka city has the largest homeless population in Japan
because it suffers from the high unemployment rate caused by a decline in
economic foundations and because it has Kamagasaki, which is the largest day
laborers' area in Japan. During the period of higher economic growth during
the 1960s, the Osaka City government tried to gather as many labor force as
possible in Kamagasaki, by recruiting laborers in public employment security
offices around the nation. It utilized day laborers as the lowest foundation
of the Japanese / Kansai economy and abandoned them when the recession broke
out (the Corruption of the Bubble Economy in 1991). Osaka city, which had
profited from day laborers for a long time before the recession, has a clear
responsibility about current homeless people's situation.
Is violating homeless people's lives and rights their way of taking their
responsibility by one branch under the control of Osaka city, which
established the Headquarter of Promoting the Policy on the Homeless People?
We recognize that this case sharply revealed the very essence of the
"Homeless Policy" of the Osaka City government. The Osaka city government
should fundamentally change its attitude. We, with the comrades who suffered
for this case, strongly protest and demand the Osaka City government to:
Investigate and make clear all the facts about this case.
Admit the unjust nature of immediate removal. Apologize and Compensate.
Promise not to repeat the same kind of act never again.


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 instead of THEIR violence,
   all over the world.(@Libertaire-JILL)