[Hpn] re: listworker Tom is back

joe reynolds jos_reyn@yahoo.com
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 18:54:36 -0800 (PST)

Ah, System glitch! that explains so much - and here I
was thinking that maybe almost everyone had found a
place and was busy settling in. No such luck I
guess... Anyway can sympathize over comp troubles
thiugh my latest ones I believe may have started with
warning messages from my Black Ice Defender firewall/
anti-virus. Dialog box has terminate - always
terminate - continue check boxes when some progam
tries to tie in to browser or windows and I may have
hit always terminate somewhere along the line in
error. So IE5 and scan disk and defrag programs among
others mysteriously disappeared... That is fine I
guess cause Opera 5 works so much better and I never
use the media players except for some Internet radio
in the background (tend to favor techno as no one has
good classical that I can find anyway!)
  If it wasn't for this on again/off again having to
move  out cause the property has been sold but wait
more paperwork needs to be done so no one move...
(arrgh, may just move out and into my van to avoid the
frustration) but may have other digs anyway though
that keeps getting blown off - wellwould drag tower
down to tech hand have them reformat and reinstall XP.
ME was a disaster on this machine and I was seriously
looking at a cheap copy of Linux Red Hat. 
  Well to make it short - yeah comp problems a pain.
Biggest one is maintaining a place to plug it in. I
might just end up in a tent in backyard renting space
and hook up for power. Already has sepparate phone
line in backyard that isn't turned on so if I get that
one then I can pay to have it turned on an not need to
share line with anyone.
   Truth is to a large extent I find my possible
choices to be on the weird side. How I get me into
this - well maybe I don't want to know really!
  Is it like this for anyone else trying to get
oneself out of this and why is it so called "normal"
people really don't seem to get how frustrating I find
it all?
  Anyone use ZONE ALARM? Several of the cyber lounges
here have that for virus protection and is it really
as good as I hear and more is it easy to use? Any odd
  What i really want is a good well paying job in
jewelry or some other art related field and a nice
apartment or piece of land that is mine. 
  Too much to hope for in modern America? But it would
solve all the worst ofmy problems and that is what
galls me. 

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