[Hpn] TOM is back Home Again at HPN

HC Covington HC Covington <hccjr@bellsouth.net>
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 10:23:21 -0600


We all have been worried and confused when you disappeared and we
thought of issuing a "TOM ALERT" accross the country to locate you.

Did not know that the "GLITCH" that stole Chrstmas had kidnapped
you too!

Although we have had less cash money in the past year, if there
is anything else we can ever do for you,  remember we still have the
toll free number working. Stay in touch.


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January 25, 2003 9:32 PM Subject: [Hpn] HPN list emailer and
Archives work again -- and listworker Tom can send email again

Greetings to all my friends at HPN.

Listworker Tom (me) is back finally -- after over four months of
glitches on my home computer that prevented me from sending

I've been reading HPN posts via the online archives, and also
unblocking bounced posts via the Net even while I couldn't send
or easily get email. A clog on HPN list which began January 6 is
now cleared, thanks to HPN's technical guru, Sandy at Arizona
State University.)

If you know any "currently or formerly homeless" person who has
written my email address requesting to sub to HPN since NOV 2003,
please ask them to resend the request.

Anyone who has sent me an e-mail since early November 2002,
please resend it. (I had to get a new computer, plus dump all
prior email, to get back online.)

Write ON!

For economic justice through nonviolent direct action. -- Tom

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