[Hpn] HPN list emailer and Archives work again -- and listworker Tom can send email again

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 04:36:56 -0800


Welcome back! It's a sheer relief and pleasure to "see" you again:-) You are
certainly the heart, soul and driving impulse behind HPN.

*Thinking aloud, here* You and HPN provide an incredibly valuable service- I
am wondering (at least) a couple of things:

1)if there is any way of lining you up with some tech charities who recycle
computers (for any future emergencies)- I've been on the digital divide mailing
list for months now, and have heard about many such places. 


2)Ummm...any chance you'd consider getting a web-based email address for emergency
communication purposes?

Glad to see you back,


American Homeless Land Model


>Greetings to all my friends at HPN.
>Listworker Tom (me) is back finally -- after over four months of glitches
>on my home computer that prevented me from sending e-mail.
>I've been reading HPN posts via the online archives, and also unblocking
>bounced posts via the Net even while I couldn't send or easily get email. 

>A clog on HPN list which began January 6 is now cleared, thanks to HPN's
>technical guru, Sandy at Arizona State University.)
>If you know any "currently or formerly homeless" person who has written my

>email address requesting to sub to HPN since NOV 2003, please ask them to
>resend the request.
>Anyone who has sent me an e-mail since early November 2002, please resend
>it. (I had to get a new computer, plus dump all prior email, to get back
>Write ON!
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