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Hi Mary, you have a good site, nice, simple, user friendly. We are also
trying to promote a nationwide, 211 health and human services system but
unfortunately, we've made little progress to date. Part of the reason is
that we have no marketing budget and we have to pay for the system to be
implemented. That requires us to partner with agencies in major metropolitan
areas to  find funding sources to put the systems in place. The systems has
been implemented in 9 counties in Texas under the domain name of
www.TexasOne.com. For all of you who have WEB sites, please add a link for
TexasOne so that anyone living or traveling through the sate of Texas can
look up all services available.

Our approach to the 211 WEB site is to have a comprehensive listing of all
all service providers in a given area, county, state, and some day include
all the states in the union. The system is laid out very logically by what
type of service you require and everything is standardized so that once we
get the system up and running in all the states, the search function would
be the same everywhere. Once you fill out a form with some basic
information, you can look up multiple listings for multiple services, place
a chekmark next to the ones you need, and apply only line with one click of
the mouse to all of the agencies at once. This is one of those dream systems
that if implemented, would allow either individuals or agencies to apply for
services all at once, in one single location. No more shuffling clients from
place to place and waiting in line at diferent locations. No more excuse for
not knowing what other services or agencies are in your region. Privacy
features are built into the system and it is bi-lingual as well, English and

Our biggest problem is finding agencies that want to take the lead and work
with us to get funding for loading the information and maintaining the
site(s). Maybe what is needed is a grass roots type of movement to mention
such systems to agencies so that we can work with them to get it
implemented. At the moment we are working to get the sytem loaded for the
Pittsburgh PA area and hopefully the whole state of PA but we need many more
people to work with us to get it out to all the states. Ignorance should
never be an obstacle to providing services to people. The technology is
available now. We have to take down barriers, get a truly national
information system up and running and we have to tell our government that we
want them to cooperate and not play politics with the peoples money, not to
throw up barrieres to working with other agencies and work toegether to
provide truly comprehensive services to their clients no matter if the
agency is government, non-profit or for profit. Everyone that has something
to offer to those in neeed should be listed and have the ability to be
located by those in need.

Our group is called SARS211. SARS stands for "Service Asistance Refferal
System" + (211) being the national desigantion for Health and Human Services
Informatin systems. If anyone out there runs an agency that wants to take
the lead and work with us, please contact myself, Mike Ristic, or Joseph
Myers at the following email addresses:

The SARSS211 Group
Mike Ristic - mristic@cinci.rr.com
Joseph R. Myers - sarsceo@hotmail.com

Keep in touch with us so that as we add different regions you can update
your sites.


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Hello.  I just got onto the list a few days ago.  I have had boughts of
being homeless with my family and right now we are living in a motel, mostly
because where we live doesn't have any really good homeless advacets.

I think that if a family is homeless and they have some kind of income
(especially low income) that a homeless shelter or other agency should be in
constant, working contact with local landlords in the community.  They
should be able to call these people and say "I have a family looking for
(whatever size) bedroom and this is their income."

We have a very low income and right now it would be pretty unprobable that
we could try to rent from someone an apartment or such cause they would
wonder how we would be able to pay.  They should lower the rent some for
people too.  Section 8 is fine but the waiting list is SO long and then you
have a hard time finding someone to rent to you still. Public housing is
fine too but for the wait.

Where I live also has very bad food banks and soup kitchens.  It would be
great if we could find a place where they had a great transitional housing
for families (including dad) and me be able to get a job so we could get a
place. It is very difficult to find a job where I live without jumping
through hoops first.

Anyway, my husband and I created a social services directory web site. We
have about 450 links to different resources for the homeless and low income
on the site. It goes by state.  I think we figure if we can't help ourselfes
then we will try and help others.  The web site address is: