[Hpn] re:Tinker

joe reynolds jos_reyn@yahoo.com
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 16:01:21 -0800 (PST)

Hi Tinker, I was wondering about that e-mail!
Sometimes I have to reqalize how different our
situations are when I don't get what you are saying.
Sometimes I disagree and a lot of the time I just have
to look closer and opay attention before I get what is
 Which brings me to the point of making me making more
sense than "the poli-ticks". Only because they aren't
trying buddy, to paraphrase Zapphod Beeblebrox - "I'm
just this guy." Well actually that was from his brain
care specialist but fact is there isn't that much
different or outstanding about me. Fact is I can be a
real screw up too - way too often I am sorry to admit.
('Course my ex says, "he's just sorry...", know what I
  One thing about comparing politicals to blood
sucking types. My friends in the local Vampyre/Goth
scene are offended.
  Vamps insist they have a higher noble purpose (like
who else wants to work nights only?) and polits don't
have a reason to live.
  Sometime the end of this week I am back to living
out of my car- well this time is a Ford Aerostar so
more room than '90 Plymouth Colt hatchback. My stuff
will be in storage and hopefully will have another
place soon.      This guy is a little tired of working
more and more for less and less. Got some college, was
production machinist and then a bench jeweler (no
stone settting, I made hand forged jewelry for small
company in NH.) and now  well I don't know what I am
now. Doubt itis some word for polite company.
  I write, I draw, I care, I feel and none of it is
worth a damn, Tinker!Just so tired of-it-all and don't
have "the" answers; I just know this situation is
because "we" aren't trying.
  Tinker even when I have towork to get some point I
appreciate that you and others are trying so damn hard
when that collective "we" out there don't seem to give
a Tinker's damn! (Old phrase my family still uses - I
couldn't resist! _ Hmm, that could be the story of my
life or at least an explanation of same.)
  And Mary, Welcome to the group! Will visit your site
as soon as out of e-mail. Nice to see more people
trying as opposed to those who merely "are trying" 
 hmm, 'nother old joke there, right up with its
alright to be the common man as long as one isn't
exceedingly common!
   Zen hugs and the best of the year to you, one and
all - Joe

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