[Hpn] New to list... some thoughts

Mary inspiringmind@netzero.net
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 06:50:57 -0800

Hello Harmony,
        Right now we are in Las Vegas...probably the worst place in the
world for homeless resources since they think that everyone who is homeless
gambles the money away. Also the hardest place to get a job since they want
you to have a in state ID and then on top of that a sheriff's card to work
(which costs $35 to get) and you have to get the job first!
    The last time we had a solid place to live was about 2 years ago.  It is
very difficult since we have two small boys and our oldest is on school (At
least I could get him into the school system here without a permanent
address.) Lucky for us our boys seem to adjust very well to not being in a
permanent place.
    We came from Ohio and spent a lot of time in free campgrounds and
Wal-Mart parking lots sleeping in our conversion van.  We think at the end
of the current school year we will be going somewhere else.  We are not
positive where, but we are leaning towards Phoenix, Arizona.
    I am going to add your link to our directory. We actually had a place
where people with websites could add a link of their own, but we decided it
wouldn't be needed too much. But I can add any in that come up and will add
your soon.


> Hi Mary,
> And welcome to HPN!
> What area of the US are you in? Am curious. I've been homeless in
> and Minnesota. Also, I've been there in being homeless in a motel
> I like your social services directory- it looks well organized and easy to
> I myself have a homeless section on my website- "worldhome":
> worldhome
> http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7076/causesindex.html
> My husband and I were last homeless in 1999- we wound up having to move to
> country (long story).
> I wish other human beings/"society" would listen to homeless people and
> advocates. Mostly it feels as if they just want to cover all of us over
> dirt to get us out of sight so they can forget about us. Of course, every
> and then there are break-throughs, but always in front of us is the job of
> away stereotypes.
> Why, oh why, is it so hard for society to hear the message that we need
> affordable housing?
> I hear you when you talk of jumping through hoops -having the transitional
> a job/. On top of being cold, stressed and exhausted and malnourished,
> it's not easy to know where to begin. Or even if you do know where to
> the obstacles that are put in your way...
> Anyway, am glad you are here and hope to hear more from you,
> Harmony
> What Causes Homelessness?
> http;//www.planetsave.com/u/Harmony/
> American Homeless Land Model
> http://www.dreamwater.org/biz/kenchurchill/index.html