[Hpn] New to list... some thoughts

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 06:39:20 -0800

Hi Mary,

And welcome to HPN!

What area of the US are you in? Am curious. I've been homeless in California
and Minnesota. Also, I've been there in being homeless in a motel sometimes...

I like your social services directory- it looks well organized and easy to use.
I myself have a homeless section on my website- "worldhome":



My husband and I were last homeless in 1999- we wound up having to move to another
country (long story). 

I wish other human beings/"society" would listen to homeless people and homeless
advocates. Mostly it feels as if they just want to cover all of us over with
dirt to get us out of sight so they can forget about us. Of course, every now
and then there are break-throughs, but always in front of us is the job of blasting
away stereotypes.

Why, oh why, is it so hard for society to hear the message that we need more
affordable housing?

I hear you when you talk of jumping through hoops -having the transitional housing/getting
a job/. On top of being cold, stressed and exhausted and malnourished, sometimes
it's not easy to know where to begin. Or even if you do know where to begin,
the obstacles that are put in your way...

Anyway, am glad you are here and hope to hear more from you,


What Causes Homelessness?

American Homeless Land Model


>Hello.  I just got onto the list a few days ago.  I have had boughts of
>being homeless with my family and right now we are living in a motel, mostly

>because where we live doesn't have any really good homeless advacets.
>I think that if a family is homeless and they have some kind of income
>(especially low income) that a homeless shelter or other agency should be in

>constant, working contact with local landlords in the community.  They
>should be able to call these people and say "I have a family looking for
>(whatever size) bedroom and this is their income."
>We have a very low income and right now it would be pretty unprobable that

>we could try to rent from someone an apartment or such cause they would
>wonder how we would be able to pay.  They should lower the rent some for
>people too.  Section 8 is fine but the waiting list is SO long and then you

>have a hard time finding someone to rent to you still. Public housing is
>fine too but for the wait.
>Where I live also has very bad food banks and soup kitchens.  It would be
>great if we could find a place where they had a great transitional housing

>for families (including dad) and me be able to get a job so we could get a

>place. It is very difficult to find a job where I live without jumping
>through hoops first.
>Anyway, my husband and I created a social services directory web site. We
>have about 450 links to different resources for the homeless and low income

>on the site. It goes by state.  I think we figure if we can't help ourselfes

>then we will try and help others.  The web site address is:
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