[Hpn] Los Angeles, CA - Mr. Jack Ass Sues Over TV Show 'Jackass' - NBC 4 TV News - January 3, 2003

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>From the "Can you believe this" news:

I could not resist sharing this one, even if it is not serious
and not about homelessness this morning.


Mr. Jack Ass Sues Over TV Show 'Jackass' 

Man Legally Changed Name To Jack Ass in 1997
By AP Staff Writers - NBC 4 TV News - January 3, 2003

LOS ANGELES -- A guy who legally changed his name to Jack Ass is
suing the company that owns MTV, saying that the TV show and
movie "Jackass" is ruining his reputation.

Mr. Ass was born Bob Craft. He changed his name in 1997 to raise
awareness about drunken driving after his brother and a friend
were killed in a car crash.

Court papers on the Smoking Gun Web site say Mr. Ass wants $10
million in damages for the effect he says "Jackass" has had on
his reputation. 

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