[Hpn] floating hostels

joe reynolds jos_reyn@yahoo.com
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 12:24:19 -0800 (PST)

Don't know sounds like almost everyone considers this
to be more of a problem than a help. While I can see a
limited usefulness to the idea aren't there enough
empty buildings in every city and town already? And
while they might have barbershops and all that why
shouldn't the local barbers getthe chance to do this
anyway and keep some money in the local economy.
Besides this isn't to far from building a ghetto for
the "unwanted" - out of sight, out of mind! They don't
see use so problem solved as far as they are
concerned. Health problems and accessability are a
concern also. Besides if the cities are claiming they
can't afford to have afffordable housing even when
unsubsidized how the hwell are they going to pay
dockage fees? Do you know how much a liner is chaged
for just being at dock each day? Makes airport fees
seem insignificant and god help you if you need
services like having the water system cleaned or the
valves replaced in the waste water system!
  In the end would still be temporary shelter all of
which only works temporarily. We need jobs - hell the
whole country needs jobs! Jobs with decent livable
wages will solve much of the problem. Hell if I and
otheres had such not only would we have our own place
but also what we would be buying would provide
ewmployment opportunities. Unfortunately American
business not interested in having employees hping to
make a killing by IPOs and such stock manipulation. I
think the reason why they want to nraid - I mean
"privatize" Social Security isn't just because there
is money ther but because they really, really need it
as the house of cards is starting to collapse. Local
Californian economy despite all the bombast looks more
and more like a zero sum gain and in economics that is
a collapse.
  I think it would be easier to use existing housing
and businesses. However it might be a great idea to
convince all the yuppie scum to go on long sea
cruises, say during hurricane season?
   Pass the sea-sick pills?
   Zen hugs, Joe R!

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