[Hpn] Floating "Hostels" for those called Homeless - temporary shelter - ...

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 01:13:37 -0800 (PST)

> Ok! Create a mega-shelter for those that can’t
tolerate overcrowded conditions with mega-problems, 
And you say it has mega-medical services.
This can only cause mega-dollar of ineffective
governmental expenditures, of course it is government
run.  Who else can just print more money if they run
out of it, by flushing it into our fresh clean watewr
as toxic waste. Is my 1 + 1 clear so far for the
bookkeepers that are reading this?  
That mini-mart is just another plant owned business
that insures the slaves to stay as they will remain
too far in debt with the company store to leave, and
learn about the outside world. 
Everyone in the word enjoys the concepts of a
recreation facility, where the medications are served
on an hourly time schedule.  Let’s just hang a shingle

On site job training is another phrase among the
homeless and indigent,  “we provide slaves here,” a
term for “community service.”  Yes, I read these words
clearly.   The mining towns were full of them today we
have such corporations, like Alcoa, and Enron.  Check
out the cardboard shantytowns of today and you will
see yet another cause for the homeless to prefer their
meager existence.  Learn a small lesson from our small
social kindred, the ant. The ant has evolved only
slightly in the millions of years of there existence. 
However they are the mightiest force of predators on
the face of this planet and by far outnumber any other

>     <<<How do feel about a 1,200 room Hostel
> Facility that is "self
>     Contained" with medical services, education,
> Training,
>     Mini-mart, barber and beauty shops, clothing
> Store, day care,
>     Recreational facilities, pool, mental health,
> On-board jobs, etc?
>     If such a facility could be established in
> Either New York or San
>     Francisco as a "Pilot Program" would you wants
> live on the USS
>     Hostel for a time to get back on your feet?>>>
>   It would be a night-mare.....  Same reasoning
> applies here as to why "Mega-shelters" are a bad
> idea.  You concentrate those with problems, you end
> up with a "problem facility".  Would YOU want to
> live in the community where this thing is docked? 
> Something of that size would reguire a LONG list of
> harshly enforced rules to make it survivable. 
> There's a "right size" for just about any human
> endeavor.  The "right size for a homeless shelter? 
> I'd say 100 to 150 people would be optimum.  1200
> would be a Kafkaesq nightmare!
>   Matt Parkhouse, RN
>   Colorado Springs, CO


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