[Hpn] Homeless Awareness 2003

W.C.Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Wed, 1 Jan 2003 19:23:38 -0500

When I started this group I had the grandiose idea that we could interlink
with other homeless groups and lists all over this country,and world to help
each other when times got tough.

 In some ways we have crawled a few inches out of the street to get kicked
the face each time we attempted to address mans inhumanity to man,people
think what do they know they are just  ex gutter trash?

 But we the ex homeless,current homeless and disabled are aware that all the
education and book learning in the world does not make you have a Doctorate
In Poverty or Street Side Living,only with direct hands on experience can
you be a truly realistic advocate or activist all others really are frauds
and mouthing words they have read or heard from poor brothers and sisters.

 Now this is fine if they live by their words and are not swayed by
glamor,fame or other offers, because then the ideology that we could end
homelessness in 5 years goes out in the trash.I think if we are interacting
and trying to resolve the housing and homeless issues even if we do not all
agree we are at least showing we can as educated adults work togather
towards the stated goals to end homelessness in our life times. And people
please lets really dig in and do it..no gamesmanship of seeing whom can con
some one into getting a bigger monetary grant for most homeless sheltered in
one year!

 Please as a 2003 New Years Resolution state your mission and stick to it,
get out of the housing and homeless arena all-together because if you can
not stand up for the people your working for,and in this business is
displaced and disabled  you should not be in this field of expertise.

 We disabled and displaced know which ones are for real, and which ones are
the poverty pimps the fund & life sucking ghouls.

 I do not pretend to be anyone but myself.

 I am a person whom cares what happens to the working poor,the virtual
homeless,the chronic homeless,the elderly in nursing homes wanting out and
the parolees awaiting housing toand the housing thats priced above and
beyound reality of the two parents struggling along on minimum wages,or
worse having a disabled person recieve APTD money from state of $13.00 and
when your homeless be denied housing or help from Local Welfare or NH Help
Line.....This is insanity and if we do not turn it around we must demand
that our New Governor open selected National Guard Armories for use by
homeless and persons unable to afford a 2 bedroom apartment at $1000.00 to
$1300.00 a pop!

 Even our elected leaders are not listening to this countries cries of "NO
MORE WAR",history will show their was no reason for a war except for greed
and glut,and since when has one man frightened a country?Please I know your
all smart enough to see through the smoke here and know that Usama bin
Laden,as well as Saddam Hussein could have been terminated any time by a CIA
hit squad instead of creating a media news slant to put this war on
target,and the increase of hate crimes against foreigners,by our presidents
off the wall statement of "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE"

Didn't you notice soon after how people with accents and dusky complexions
started getting beat up and abused ?


 A Brother In The Struggle