[Hpn] ADAPT rolls on Washington

Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Wed, 01 Jan 2003 06:55:28 -0500

To:  ADAPT members and supporters
From:  Nancy Salandra & Bob Liston
Subject:  ADAPT "Free Our People March," September 4-17, 2003

Join ADAPT for its historic march from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia,
to our nation's Capitol in Washington, D.C where the march will culminate
in a rally for MiCASSA and a day of visits with Congress.   Make history.
Show your pride and determination to pass MiCASSA and Free Our People!

The entire march from Philly to DC will take 14 days of arduous effort
will take the place of the fall action in 2003.  This is a huge
so show your strength, but show it wisely.  If you are concerned about
amount of time involved or stamina / health issues you will have an
opportunity to join the march at Baltimore for the final leg to D.C.
Finally, you can join up in Washington, D.C. for the rally and Hill

BUT!!!!, whichever you choose MUST BE A FIRM COMMITMENT so we can plan
accordingly.  Logistics for this event will be extremely detailed and
complicated while funding will be very tight.  Choose carefully and
taking into account the time involved, money involved and your
disability/health/stamina issues as well as need for personal attendant
so on.  We will not be able to handle people jumping in and out of the
march whenever and wherever.  "Emergency" assistance will be limited to
regular police/ambulance 911 services.

Please come.  Be tough.  Be proud.  Show your fire and commitment. But be

Following is a sign up sheet with four options for participation.  Make a
firm choice and send it back to:

Nancy Salandra
WORK  215-627-7255
E-mail:     nancydia@voicenet.com

Bob Liston
WORK  1-800-929-2611
E-mail:     adaptmtbob@aol.com

PS For information about ADAPT's Spring Action in DC, May 10-15, contact
the ADAPT organizer closest to you at


Check one box only.  Each participant must complete a separate form.

_____I commit to the entire 14-day march from Philadelphia, PA September
to Washington, D.C. September 17 (Arrive Philly on September 3, 2003
DC on September 18 or 19, 2003).

_____I commit to the entire leg of the march from Baltimore, MD September
13 to Washington, DC September 17 (Arrive Baltimore September 12, 2003
depart DC September 18 or 19, 2003).

_____I commit to participation at the ADAPT / MiCASSA rally and
congressional visits on September 17-18, 2003.

____I am not able to march, but want to help in other ways such as
raising, personal assistance, driving, setting up camp, etc.  Please let
know how I can help make the march and rest of the event a success.




Phone #


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