[Hpn] Re: Help in searching for a homeless friend.

Jessica N Waymire waymires3@juno.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 23:36:10 -0800

Hi. Just ran across your mailing list. I was wondering what would be the
best way to go about searching for a homeless friend?

My friend Sean Patrick has been homeless since 1994. He was living with
his grandparents to escape abuse from his stepfather, but he got kicked
out for using drugs and not following the rules. I don't know where he
was originally from, his parents or grandparents names, or which house
was his grandparents (although I do know what street it was on)--or even
if they still live there.

Basically the only info I have is his name and that he was born in March
of 1977 or 1978 (he is a Pisces but I don't know what day his birthday

The last I heard of him he was hanging out by the railroad tracks and was
going crazy from using acid.

I want to know if he's even still alive, how bad off he is, and track
down a picture of him (I don't even have that!).

Friends that I have talked to barely remember him. He didn't talk much
about himself or his past, except the little bit he shared with me.

Is this a hopeless case?

Any advice is appreciated.

--Jessica Noel