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Does City Life News have a website? (and if so, would like to know what it is)...


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><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>Be sure to read the City Life News, a great 
>street paper in sunny Arizona.  The poems from street people are geat and 

>relavent issues are dealt with in a mature way. Very professional 
>indeed.  Cheers to all and wishing you all peace. </FONT></DIV>
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>  <P>Nathaniel Lachenmeyers childrens book - Broken Beaks - is available 
>  now.  If anyone is interested please contact me - Jodie Wright:</P>
>  <P><A href="mailto:bangoroutreach@yahoo.com">bangoroutreach@yahoo.com</A></P>

>  <P>It is approx.  $17.00 without shipping costs.  Cindy, I am going 
>  to get one.  Has anyone continued my lending library at the State.</P>
>  <P>If not, then that would be a great UTB Project...(I think)</P>
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