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Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 08:27:58 -0500

Hi Jeanne,

I'l go on below the body of your post. Some about me, and more about how
to make a list work for its readers. Also a bit about comsumer direction
and IL philosophy applies to gardening.

On Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:35:37 -0500 (EST) lepowsky@telerama.com writes:
> Hi Tom,
> What type of disabilities do you see being the "focus" if you will 
> of this
> group?  The discussion so far has addressed mobility issues, and 
> those are not
> the issues I deal with - I was thinking last night that I would 
> unsub, but then
> I saw your mention of MCS in the context of homelessness and 
> disability so I'm
> rethinking.
> The issues I deal with are cognative impairment in my mother, who has
> alzheimers, and ptsd in myself and many of the people I know.  
> Gardening for
> ptsd sufferers is tremendously healing, and has in some cases become 
> a way of
> making a living.  I can't hold a job because of my disability.  I 
> haven't been
> able to handle applying for social security, even, because of my 
> disability.
> I'll do it this year, hopefully.  My disability is not one that 
> people
> understand but I know there are  many, many people like me.  
> I'm sorry to go on and on about myself here, I want to give you an 
> idea of what
> my issues are so that you can tell me whether this list might 
> eventually include
> discussions of these sorts of issues, or of the cognative issues my 
> mother has.
> Jeanne     

Every generalization is false, but we gotta start someplace.

Independent Living grew out of mobility disabled thought and activism
from a several focus in no particular order out of the blind, deaf,
polio, and amputee wards and institutions. At times some thought has come
from the more articulate people with developmental
disabilities--psychiatric settings, all have added some bits of the spin.

I got my start on this odd path by being an employer during the years of
CETA (Comprehensive Education and Training Act), I was perpetually in
search of people who would-could do entry level jobs in kitchens. 

As my spring wore down, due to MS I wound up taking a gradually more
sedendary set of jobs over many years. Always flirting with food,
kitchens, and supporting people in that as a vocation and avocation.

I may not be the best most slickly proffesional person you see working in
support of PWD, Folks I have supported ussualy are sorry to see me go.

The short of independent living is: if the PWD can think of it, it aint
illeagal, it compliments the quality of their life, and the PWD can think
of it, it therefore should be tried at least, and done in principle. (the
doubled up of "If the PWD can think of it" aint a typo). Thats the
philosophy, the reality as all readers know is a bit different.

What this list probably can't aswer is "why is the social safety net
broken--and how can I get it to work for me". There are lots of lists
that address way better'n I'm going to, the parts relating to that
conumdrum. I'm happy to share out those parts (that I am aware of) to
anyone who wants to know more about them.

We are getting rather far afield of poking seeds into dirt however.

Places I think are good starting places could be Homeless People Network
Boland, Anitra, Cindy Carlson. 

Sites that address parts of the issues you raise could be:
http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6482/ http://www.adapt.org/ ,
http://notdeadyet.org/ , http://www.under-the-bridge.org/

To go to a more direct suggestion of things that address supporting
people diagnosed with alzheimers, we'll try, but frankly you may be more
of an expert than elizabeth and I are. Untill you expound on "what
worked", I'd be reluctant to advise very much. The short is even if we
can't teach you, you can teach others.  

I think Peter started from (I'm guessing here) some sort of Jeffersonian
ideal of how people feel best. I know I bring that to the terminal. How
well we address our mutual needs only gets done when we explore them. 

Lastly I'm more self taught than I am some kind of proffesional. At least
for now all suits have been left at the door.

Jeanne, keep typing nobody can ever answer an unasked question.

Tom C

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