[Hpn] Art Happening: Nude Protest Needs Volunteers

wendy iam@wendypolyploidy.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 09:36:05 -0500

I'm a NYC artist working on locally based projects that address timely 
issues that Americans are are faced with. Your in my address book 
(probably from Moxie, Green Galactic or 28 Days Records)) so I'm 
writing to invite you to be part of my next project. If your not in 
NYC, please pass this on to any friends you may have in NY.

Maybe you saw a project that I produced in Central Park a little over a 
week ago ( http:;//www.wendypolyploidy.com/nobush ). Here I spelled a 
simple message of NO bUSH with naked bodies to tell people around the 
world that citizens of NYC don't agree George Bush. This photo was done 
to contribute to a growing series of photos shot by groups around the 
world. It worked, we had half to full page coverage in The New York 
Times, The Post, Daily News, Newsday etc. And coverage from all the TV 
networks, the BBC and half hour replays on CNN (press:  
http://wendypolyploidy.com/nobush/press/index.html ). This was when the 
media was barely covering anti-war protests. It was a blast doing it 
(check out the quick time video on my site ( 
http:;//www.wendypolyploidy.com/nobush ).

I'm recruiting now for the next project. I hope you'll join me in this, 
without you it doesnt happen. And, I'm pretty sure you'll have a great 

Next Project: This project captures the uniquely American experience of 
If President Bush moves ahead with his plans to go to war, Americans 
will see an elaborate TV marketing campaign designed for us by our 
government. More than likely it will resemble what we saw during the 
Gulf War. Scud missiles will light up dark unfamiliar skies. They will 
land in unknown locations causing uncertain damage to faceless people. 
We'll get reports of hits and misses from our newscasters. The whole 
spectacle will resemble a video game. We may even get fancy graphics 
like we did during the Gulf War making the war coverage look like the 
Super Bowl.  From our couches and through our television sets, pop corn 
in hand, we will digest a made for TV message that the government and 
media will feed us. 'Prime Time Battlefield' will expose this nuance of 
American culture while asking us to examine our own desensitization to 
the hard realities of war.

For this project I need volunteers to be:  nude wounded bodies in the 

DATE/TIME: Prime Time Battlefield will take place during the first week 
of March. This is subject to change. The date, time and meeting 
location are announced approximately 24 hours in advance.  The whole 
event should take less than an hour.

Thank you again for supporting this project. I look forward to hearing 
from you and meeting you soon! Please send your friend our way if 
they're interested.
Peace and Very Best,