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 Toronto - Conditions in Toronto's homeless shelters contributed to the
death of a homeless man Friday, an advocacy group charges.

 The Toronto Disaster Relief Committee says many homeless people choose to
live outside because shelters are overcrowded, unhealthy and too strict.

 On Friday, a homeless man was found dead under the burning remains of a
small outdoor lean-to. Police said Monday that he died of smoke inhalation.

 "This is something happening more and more in this city," said TDRC
spokesperson Baric German.

"The shelters are so crowded [that] you may not be able to go in, for
example, if you're a heavy drinker, so you find a place to hide."

 But the man who runs the Toronto's shelters said overcrowding wasn't a
factor in the death.

John Jagt said the man who died stayed outside on a night when 40 shelter
spaces went empty.

His death, Jagt said, "has no correlation to whether shelters were available
or the notion that shelters are so terrible that people would rather die on
the streets."

 The Disaster Relief Committee is expected to repeat its call for a new
200-bed shelter, and to demand improved conditions at existing shelters,
following a meeting Monday.
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