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Harmony Kieding HKU@yahoogroups.com
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 13:09:44 -0800 (PST)


I like that Primitive Technology site, thanks! I have
a feeling I will be consulting it often, too.

One survival tip I got while hitch-hiking years ago
with a military man. He passed onto me the fact that
carrying a candle or two in my vehicle can save my
life- the heat from the flame can keep the temperature
from freezing. Of course, you have to keep the window
open a crack to provide fresh air and not suffocate.
But that tip has worked for me so many times. I just
take pains to make sure of safety- keep flammable
things away from the candles, make sure they are
secure and won't fall over, and have a container of
water within reach.


--- sher-amie lewis <gingertea61@yahoo.com> wrote:
 I have made this URL my opening page and have been
 really going through it and its Links. 
 Much here to learn from in survival. We can add the
 elements of other things that helped us to survive. 
 I am interested in both sides for if we, when we,
 get into a war we will need those with the
 experience and knowledge to help others to survive.
 I hope that is what this group is about. I know some
 of the things that others put in may seem unrelated
 but we never can really tell what piece of
 information or interested saves the lives of

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