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Wed, 19 Feb 2003 06:07:08 -0800 (PST)

Hi Cindy,

Can relate to feeling burned out...

Um, I am indeed in Norway (have been here for three
years now)- and I was in Minnesota- my online buddy
Darkblade and his family put me and my husband BT up
there just before we came over to Norway. We wound up
staying outside their home in our van.

If any one of my family members had helped us, we
might not have had to leave the US, but not one of
them did. Not one of them offered us even as much as
one night's shelter in our nine months of
And they say that blood is thicker than water?


--- "UTB crew <nhutbp2001@yahoo.com>"
nhutbp2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
 Thank you for your replies. I'm feeling a little
 burn out and cynical
 (Harmony Minnesota, hum I think tink told me you
 were in Norway or 
 something.) Minnesota of how I remember those years.
 My daughter was 
 born at the Mayo Clinic. I can totally relate to the
 tornado story 
 having been out there in the worst wind weather and
 the deepest and 
 coldest of winters.
 Ginger, I agree about comfort levels in living
 conditions. I guess I 
 have learned to make due with too little for about
 too long. I once 
 lived on the reservation for a time and we had
 nothing but a shack. 
 But in those days of keroscene lanterns and cold
 pumped water, I 
 learned many things about myself and what I could do
 to survive. I've 
 probably done it ALL more than you gals as I hit the
 streets young, 
 and since I have been clean and sober now for about
 16 years, I have 
 a lot of gratitude just to be alive. But you cant go
 around shoving 
 this down peoples throats and I suppose that is why
 I feel bad. 
 Afterall shes a young 24 year old mom and I have
 about another 25 
 years on her of life experiences. 
 Its funny these days I feel more comfortable aound
 my homeless 
 brothers and sisters than I do in "normal society"
 Its funny sitting 
 in college classews and explining to students and
 professors what the 
 school of hard knocks even looks like, at least from
 my perspective. 
 And its funny that I hook myself up to poverty
 groups  and just now 
 start to get a grip on the real picture of life.  I
 need to make a 
 conference call on the 20th for the National
 coalition's grassroots 
 and civil rights organizing project and I'm thinking
 I dont do enough 
 to be part of the group, but then I feel like
 someone has to stay on 
 top of things because if there are no watchers then
 Kim, just joined our group, everybody say Hi.
 Kim has been the coordinator of UTB since it started
 in 1998.
 Shes been hanging out with me, putting up with me
 through shitty 
 conventions and boring conferences and still likes
 to hang out.
 She's been around the block a time or two herself
 and got her degree 
 from school of hard knocks.

 speaking of that school. I found an internet site
 that sells a 
 clothing line for school of hard knocks and even a
 place that will 
 send you a degree for $9.99
 adding to the pile of crap today, I fell on my tail
 bone in the 
 parking lot tonight, and gave myself whiplash. The
 pipes froze in the 
 laundry room and the guy downstairs shoveled all the
 water that was 
 in the hall into the parkinglot which in turn froze.
 Then I hear from 
 my daughter, after getting home from a trip to the
 store that the 
 fire department was here because of the smell of gas
 in the hall. 
 Turns out the same dumb guy, friend of our landlord,
 pain in the ass 
 neighbor had a snowblower inside his apartment and
 was running it or 
 cleaning it or something.
 The fire department had to secure the building and
 determine our 
 safety from fumes and still no one can get in touch
 with the 
 landlord, including the fire department.
 Cool huh?!
 hey but my check came in and I am going to pay my
 rent because it is 
 the only place I have to live and its its too damn
 cold to move into 
 the van and certainly my daughter doesnt want to go
 to a shleter with 
 the baby coming in 3 weeks.
 have a good night.

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