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-- Prayer for Global Peace Now! --

*global peace now breaking out*

Message for Global Peace Now, from India:

Understand   -- KSHAMA --

February 13, 2003, Thursday

Following the announced American Peace Mission to India begun
January 27, 2003, supported by The India Overture of The Whole
Truth Campaign, a channel of communications has been opened to
The White House with faxes to the office of The White House Chief
of Staff starting with the February 6th Global Peace Initiative,
followed by the February 7th White House New Science Overture File
opening, and the February 11 and 12 submission of The Message of
Peace to All of The World from Humanity's Treasured Friend, Sri
Sathya Sai Baba, in the form of his newly released to the public
Global Peace Understanding Message in The Times of India
published in its Bombay edition, February 7, 2003, as
"Kshama, the Grandest and Noblest Virtue."

This represents the first time in history that the spiritual message of
Kshama is thusly released to the public, a response to the needs
of these times for deeper human understanding of the overlooked
mental causes of war and peace.

"Kshama" is reproduced below followed by a correction notice on
quotes erroneously attributed, as the February 1st and 3rd spoken
words of the Baba, in the Global Peace Initiative of February 6, 2003.

"Kshama" is written by The One whom the New York Times in their
December 1, 2003, article called "the unusual holy man...A Friend
in India to All the world...who draws presidents, prime ministers and
other leaders not only from India but also from outside it; altogether
he claims followers in 178 countries...The Baba's mixture of religions
extends far beyond traditional Hindu beliefs, and that lets him attract
politicians of various faiths, including Muslims like President A. P. J.
Abdul Kalam of India...Lining the road to the ashram were stone tablets
inscribed with the swami's utterances...'Money comes and money goes;
Morality comes and grows'...Famous for seldom saying much in public
even to his followers, the Baba silently greeted President Kalam...
...Preaching the five principles of truth, peace, love, nonviolence
and right conduct, the Baba...represents unity of religion, all religions...
The president emerged...In a brief interview there, he said he had
discussed with the swami how to achieve an educational system
that combined values with science. 'When they are fused, you get
an enlightened citizen,' said President Kalam...Coming from a
Muslim background, the president is a rarity among national
politicians in a country that is four-fifths Hindu...the chief minister,
or governor, of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh here, said
the Baba was not just a holy man but a public policy expert...Using
donations from around the world, the Baba has built two
hospitals near here that provide free care to the poor. He is now
spending $50 million to build systems for drinking water and
irrigation...the chief minister said, 'Everyone has to come here.'"

In his International Herald Tribune article of December 3, 2002,
"Old mantras and new software side by side," the United Nations
Under-Secretary-General for Public Information said about his visit,
"...the spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba...was astonishing at
several levels. Sai Baba uttered insights about my family and myself
that he could not possibly have known.  He has a habit, disconcerting
at first, of turning his palm quizzically outward and staring off into the
distance, as if silently interrogating an unseen, all-knowing source.
Sometimes he scribbles in the air with a finger as if dashing off a
note to a celestial messenger...Most startling, he materializes gifts
from thin air - in my case a gold ring with nine embedded stones...
But a skilled magician can do that, and it would be wrong to see
Sai Baba as a conjurer. He has channeled the hopes and energies
of his followers into constructive directions, both spiritual and
philanthropic.  Everything at his complex is staffed by volunteers
who rotate through Puttaparthi at well-organized two-week intervals.
Many left distinguished positions behind. The free hospital in
Puttaparthi is one of the best in India; many leading doctors volunteer
their services. Sai Baba has built schools and colleges, and is now
involved in a project to bring irrigation to a number of parched
southern districts...The software programs of the information
technology companies dotting Bangalore's 'Silicon Plateau' may
be the new mantras of India, but they supplement, rather than supplant,
the old mantras. Sai Baba and Infosys are emblematic of an India
that somehow manages to live in several centuries at once."

In its January 19, 2003, article, "US astronaut to spread Sai Baba's
message for global peace" from the Press Trust of India, the Hindustan
Times published in Hyderabad said, "Brain O'Leary, a physicist and
former science and energy policy advisor to four US presidential
candidates, is arriving in India on Friday to meet with Sai Baba...
O'Leary will also meet 'free energy technology' scientist,
Paramahamsa Tewari of Karwar, former head of the Kaiga
atomic station, whose theory of extracting energy from space
has found followers abroad...Describing Baba as 'the greatest
example of inter-faith spiritual unity since Buddha,' the sources
said that by spreading his 'message of truth, peace, love,
righteousness, and nonviolence' the US astronaut hopes that
global peace will 'break out in mere days from across the US,
India, Pakistan, to Iraq.'"

In apparent response to the supplication of these newspaper
articles, and following days after the Columbia Space Shuttle
tragedy, this Friend in India to All the World has issued what
may be the first newspaper article ever published attributed to
his direct authorship, a Message of Global Peace for All
of The World, KSHAMA:



Kshama, the Grandest and Noblest Virtue

By Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Friday, February 7, 2003

The Times of India - Mumbai Edition - Page 2

True and Selfless Love manifests as Sacrifice.

Such Love knows no hatred. It envelops the en­tire Universe,
and is ca­pable of drawing Sathya Sai Baba near even those
who are seem­ingly far away.

Love it is that transforms the human into the Divine.

In the phenomenal world, you come across many shades and
derivatives of this Primordial Love. You love your father, mother,
brother, sister, friends and so on. In all such cases, there is always
a tinge of selfishness some­where or the other.

Divine Love, on the other hand, is totally free of even the slightest
trace of selfish­ness.

You must surrender to such Love, become com­pletely submerged
by it, and experience the Bliss it confers.

For acquiring such Love, the quality of Kshama or forbearance
is a vital neces­sity.  Every individual must cultivate this noble quality.

Kshama is not achieved by reading books or learned from an instructor.

Nor can it be received as a gift from someone else.

This prime virtue Kshama can be acquired solely by self-effort, that is,
by facing diverse problems squarely, enduring difficul­ties of various
sorts, not giving in to anxieties, and bearing with equanimity suffering
as well as sorrow. In the absence of Kshama, man becomes susceptible
to various evil tendencies. Ha­tred and jealousy easily take root in a
person lacking this virtue.

Kshama is the grandest and the noblest among virtues.

The troubles the country is currently pass­ing through are largely
due to the absence of this noble quality of Kshama. With­out Kshama,
mankind be­comes degraded and starts declining, but if it has this
quality then it can progress in leaps and bounds.

Kshama is thus the very breath of life.

Everything must have a basis. For spiritual progress and
advancement, Kshama is the real basis or foundation. When
Kshama disappears, disturbance sets in and there is decline.
Great countries have lost their glory, prestige and reputation for
this reason. Patience is therefore a virtue that must be assidu­ously
cultivated, by individ­uals as well as nations, if troubles and
tribulations are to be successfully faced. Without patience and
the capacity for forbearance, one becomes spiritually weak.

When patience is gone, the greatest of men get reduced to utter fools.

The importance of Kshama cannot be over-stressed. This virtue is
best cultivated under adverse cir­cumstances, and one must therefore
gladly welcome troubles instead of regard­ing them as unwelcome.

Jealousy is the greatest enemy of man and it takes root when Kshama
is ab­sent. If you possess the virtue of Kshama, then none of these
enemies can come anywhere near you. Cultivation of Kshama must
therefore be an im­portant priority.

No doubt you will face many difficul­ties during life's journey, but bravely
march on, tak­ing courage from the fact that once you have Kshama
there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

------end Kshama article published as authored by Swami Sai Baba

Whether one believes that God operates through the mind of Sai Baba,
or whether one believes, as he teaches us, that God operates through
the mind of all of humanity, this message is offered for consideration by
those who would seriously wonder at how the above message
"rings true in their own hearts, in their own conscience," the only proper
way for such messages to become understood and applied by the
human mind.

Dr. Brian O'Leary has experienced chagrin beyond belief over the
publicity surrounding his peace mission to India, considering himself
simply a friend and colleague of Swami Sai Baba, especially in light
of this past week of vigorous internet controversy globally over quotes
attributed to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Feb.1 and Feb.3, which it has been
learned are instead not direct quotes but a "spiritual interpretation" of
the Baba's viewpoint offered mistakenly as direct quotes.

Because excerpts of these quotes were included in the American
Global Peace Initiative of February 6, 2003, widely circulated on the
internet and faxed to The White House that day, below are comments
for perspective on this "spiritual interpretation" which I underwrote
believing it authenticated and because of how it "rang true in my heart."

-----begin interpretation quotes correction/explanation:

Message from Al Mehdi, Bhagwan Swami, His Holiness Bharatiya:

[Al Mehdi is name of the "messiah-like" figure predicted by Islam's
Prophet Mohammed (blessed be his name and memory) to come
and bring peace through surrender to The Will of God by all humanity]

["His Holiness Bharatiya," references sacred name of India, Bharat]

[Bhagwan Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba is most typical title name used]

1 February 2003:

"Peace is the foundation and Love is the pillar."

"Do not worry about Iraq attack."

"This is only an imagination."

[This is in context of all of physical reality, from divine perspective,
being considered "illusory" because of the power of the human
mind to "imagine" something and thereby create it as "real"]

"Divine Will for Peace would prevail."

"Many countries have to learn lessons of Love and Peace,
and Swami would teach them as this is for which Swami
has descended on Earth."

[The use of term Swami typically references the human form
of this teacher who teaches that all human beings are
Embodiments of Divine Love, and authentic words of Sathya
Sai Baba have consistently used different terms relating to his
identity beyond human form which "has descended on Earth,"
eg, the Sathya Sai Avatar]

3 February 2003

"Kalpana Chawla was here on this Earth Planet for the fulfillment
of a specific task. As soon as that specific task was performed,
she has been restored to the original destination. It was a heroic
separation from Earth Planet -- this is not death.  This is  immortality
gained by immortal deeds.  She served the cause of humanity
and she used her life for greater tasks of life, researching
treatments for cancer and other fatal diseases.

[Typical authentic messages from Sathya Sai Baba do not
specifically mention individuals except to extent useful examples
of spiritual principles are being conveyed.  That is one of the things
that made this message so unusual.  The deeper message of
Kshama may be considered the correct message relating to above]

"People should learn lessons from such an exemplary life."

"Let the Nation bow to her for her exemplary Mission of Life."

"There are Pacemakers and there are Peacemakers."

"Saints in this world and the gentle and good souls are
virtually Peacemakers and they are sent on this Earth
for the purpose of identifying the areas were peace is
to be restored by various methods, and continuous
efforts are made to restore and re-establish Peace."

[above final excerpted segment of these quotes requires
attention to be paid to the Baba's teaching that all human
beings become divine beings by their spiritual reawakening
and embodiment of the innately divine human values of truth,
love, peace, right conduct, and nonviolence]

When I listen on the internet I hear the voice of all of humanity,
screaming The Prayer "Global Peace Now!"

The Prayer has been answered  http://www.sathyasai.org

*global peace now breaking out*

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the whole truth about solutions to critical problems"

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