[Hpn] could use help on article about poverty pimps

jamieandjoe@mutualaid.org jamieandjoe@mutualaid.org
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 15:24:50 -0500 (EST)

Here is some more of the You know you're a povetry  pimp... list that I'm
asking for help on.  Again, all the ones below are from specific examples
not just made up generalities. I wondered if anyone would care to add  or
comment to this or the others
                             love and solidarity bork

27.	when you don't care that you tell your homeless clients to call
several programs for help then to call you back despite the fact you know
that  they don't have 50 cents for the pay phone and you are likely to be
out of the office anyway
28.	When your advocacy group uses the threat of protests by the people you
represent as a way of exhorting donation money out of oppressive
corporations.... and without getting them to change their policies
29.	You seek middle-class prestige college-graduated applicants who have
rarely seen and never experienced poverty to manage programs for the
homeless rather then promote qualified ex-homeless already within your
30.	When you lie, claiming you don't have access to the keys, rather then
let the homeless go to the bathroom outside of your shelter's normal hours
31.	when you fire any of your employees who criticize the social services
industry or your place in it
32.	When someone comments on how the numbers are declining at your shelter
and the first comment is: "Well, we wouldn't want to be out of a job or
33.	when your your job performance appraisal is tied to your willingness
to remove children from the homes of poverty stricken parents.
34.	when most of your events feature open or cash bars though most of your
clients have drug or alcohal problems
35.	when you make over one hundred thousand dollors per your as your
clients eat out of garbage cans yet you are always grateful when others
point out your selflessness
36.	when the only decent food donations end up in your freezer and you
justifty this by saying that there wasn't enough to serve everyone so it
might as well serve your holiday guests and not go to waste
37.	when you physically attack your clients when they insist on their
right to a drink of water
38.	When you could  less when  that a group of large violent men actually
run the details of your shelter as you get paid well anyway and it save's
you from having to interact with your clients
39.	When your collect donation money in order to collect more donation money
40.	when your primary concern when entering into anti- poverty coalition
activities is who will get the credit

The following is a partial list of the groups that have individuals who
have inspired one or more of these lines:

Catholic Charities
Charlie's Place www.stmargaretsdc.org/charlies).
Checkmate, Inc.
MSC South San Fransisco
Downtown DC Business Improvement District
Glide Church of CA
Help the Homeless DC
National Alliance to End Homelessness
National Center for Homeless Education
National Coalition on Homelessness
Neighbors Consejo
N Street Village [one of the finest women's shelters in Washington DC area
over all but there is this one individual...]
Salvation Army [also known to many homeless as the Starvation Army]
Ward's Island Shelter
Zacchaeus Soup Kitchen

and finally here is a poem I found on the net that shows some of the
Poverty Pimp's attitudes:


Let us celebrate the poor,
Let us hawk them door to door.

There's a market for their pain,
Votes and glory and money to gain.

Let us celebrate the poor.

Their ills, their sins, their faulty diction
Flavor our songs and spice our fiction.

Their hopes and struggles and agonies
Get us grants and consulting fees.

Celebrate thugs and clowns,
Give their ignorance all renown.

Celebrate what holds them down,
In our academic gowns.

Let us celebrate the poor.