[Hpn] could use help on article about poverty pimps

jamieandjoe@mutualaid.org jamieandjoe@mutualaid.org
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 01:31:07 -0500 (EST)

I am writing an article and I thought I'd end it with a "You Know you're a
Poverty Pimp..." list  kind of like the "You Know you're a Redneck....
"lists only from painfully real examples that I will touch on in the
article. All the ones below are from specific examples not just made up
generalities. I wondered if anyone would care to add  or comment to this
before I finish my article in the next couple days. I would appreciate the
love and solidarity Bork

you know you're a poverty pimp:

1.	when you are overheard saying that talking to the people your supposed
to be helping makes you physically ill
2.	when you start a series of for-profit ventures to "fund" your not-for
profit -and you are much more involved in those
3.	when getting financial donations has become the majority of your
efforts and time
4.	when you become really really good at using race, class and gender
discussions to prevent any criticism of what you are doing
5.	when your offices are furnished much better then anything your clients
will ever own in their entire lifetime
6.	when you feed people far worse things then you yourself would ever eat
7.	 when that photograph of Billy Holiday is the only heroin addict ever
willingly allowed into your presence
8.	when your happy about squatters or getting evicted
9.	 when you find yourself thinking or saying that if one more homeless
person would freeze to death this winter, your budget for next year would
be assured.
10.	when you leave your office in fear of the people your supposed to be
11.	when you don't dare to answer the phone that rings at two am as it
might be one of your clients
12.	when you get that rush of fear coming face to face with your clients
out in front of the hotel as you enter your $500 dollar fund raiser
13.	when there is debate at your Convention of Homeless Service agency's
as to whether you will feed the homeless you brought in to speak at your
14.	 when you call the police to have that long-haired bearded guy
arrested for trying to teach your clients how fend for themselves for free
15.	when you're told to hide the city's guide to homeless services so that
the clients have to come back over  and over since your program getting
money each time they sign up- and you do
16.	When your donation money is used politically to expand your nonprofit
operations, which allows you to pay more pimps salaries, that would seem
astronomical to the poor they are "serving", to organize the expansion of
your nonprofit organization which  results in more political clout
enabling you to to get more public and private donation money
17.	when you've served as a shelter director for 20+ years and have no
real idea where else the homeless could go or what happens to the homeless
that you've had to turn away
18.	you have to go to extraordinary length to keep those who are not poor
from seeing what your soup kitchen looks like on a "normal" day
19.	when you always, invariably cut services when decisions have to be
made between retaining services for the poor or laying off one or two
college-educated social workers who own their own home and whose
life-partners work
20.	when you spend more time about making the poor people  you "serve'
jump through hoops and "hurdles" then actually filling their needs
21.	when you spend 20 minutes lecturing a homeless person about not
selling goods you provide before giving them the single bus token they
need to leave your facility
22.	you dream about ways to make being poor as difficult as possible for
your clients
23.	when your government funded housing program is designed with as many
hurdles as possible so that the vast majority of the poor can't qualify
letting you sell the units off at market rate
24.	when most of the money for your "advocacy " group goes for four star
hotels and your staff platinum credit card
25.	when you put barbed wire on your shelter fence and use their fear of
freezing to lock your clients in at night
26.	when your asked to schedule your soup kitchen's meal times so the
homeless are less visible on the street to business men - and you do it