[Hpn] Re: ALERT!! "10 NO uji" park is burning!

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:20:22 -0800

Dear Friends in Osaka,

Two minutes ago I sent an email to the Chicago Office for Osaka. I enclose a
copy of what I wrote them below- Never give up!

With love and respect,

Harmony Kieding

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Osaka

Regarding the forced eviction of homeless, and forced removal of 10 

karaoke huts occupied by the homeless

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that the Osaka City Authorities intend to 

forcibly remove 10 karaoke huts and furthermore, to forcibly evict 

their occupants, on December 15, 2003.

I would like to refer you to what the Office of the High Commissioner 

for Human Rights has to say on forced evictions:

Fact Sheet No.25, Forced Evictions and Human Rights

from which I quote the following paragraphs:

"[The] practice of forced eviction constitutes a gross violation of 

human rights, in particular the right to adequate housing. 
International human rights law establishes norms and principles 

touching on virtually all facets of life. This is reflected in the 

consistent reaffirmation by the international community of the 

indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights, whether 

civil, cultural, economic, political or social." 

"The indispensable equality of all human rights, now firmly 

entrenched in the provisions of international human rights 

instruments, is particularly evident when examining human rights 

violations relating not just to one right, but to a broad range of 

human rights. One such infringement of human rights is the practice 

of forced evictions: the removal of individuals, families or 

communities from their homes, land or neighbourhoods, against their 

will, directly or indirectly attributable to the State." 

"Forced evictions might not initially be viewed necessarily as an 

issue of human rights, but rather as a simple side-effect of 

development, of urban renewal, a consequence of armed conflict, or an 

aspect of environmental protection or energy generation by, for 

example, hydroelectric dams. However, to be persistently threatened 

or actually victimized by the act of forced eviction from one's home 

or land is surely one of the most supreme injustices any individual, 

family, household or community can face." 
"The perpetual insecurity of people intimidated by this practice, 

coupled with the frequent use of physical violence during its 

carrying out, begin to reveal the personal and collective trauma 

invariably inflicted on those faced with the prospect of forced 

eviction. No one volunteers to be an evicte." 

"Tolerated in most societies and officially encouraged in many, 

forced evictions dismantle what people have built over months, years 

and sometimes decades, destroying the livelihood, culture, community, 

families and homes of millions of people throughout the world every 


"Far from offering solutions to housing or urban crises, forced 

evictions destroy the dwellings and human settlements people call 

home and could perhaps be more appropriately labelled as a method of 

"de-housing", rather than as a practice representing a constructive, 

human-oriented response to the ongoing global housing crisis." 

"In this regard, the Committee has indicated that a number of 

articles in the Covenant are capable of immediate implementation, 

including article 3, article 7, subparagraph (a) (i), article 8, 

article 10, paragraph 3, article 13, paragraphs 2 (a), 3 and 4, and 

article 15, paragraph 3. It has also stressed, with respect to the 

right to adequate housing, for example, that "instances of forced 

eviction are prima facie incompatible with the requirements of the 

Covenant and can only be justified in the most exceptional 

circumstances, and in accordance with the relevant principles of 

international law".(15) In order to put such obligations into effect 

domestically, national courts would obviously have an important role 

to play in ensuring respect for the rights in question." 

In closing, rather than a brutal confrontation with force which only 

can result in a loss of face for all, particularly for those who 

employ that brute force, is it not far more desirable to work with 

the homeless inhabitants of Osaka, respecting their rights, their 

dignity, and their property? They are human beings, first and 

foremost, with talents and a wealth of inner resources. Listen to 

them, really listen to them, and you will be favorably surprised. Let 

this situation be an opportunity for everyone in Osaka to win.


Harmony Kieding
Founder, WorldHome

> on morning of 15 December 2003, fascist mayor "taKKKahumi isomura" and his

>subjects will force to remove 10 karaoke-huts by 200 dull officers with many

>riot-polizei. this warfare has suddenly broken out by osaka city authorities

>on last month.
>they rejected our demanding of any explaination for eviction. and they have

>had no ears for our protesting at all. fascist "t.isomura" becomes his terms

>expiration of osaka city mayor. he will replace his mayor's post to a new
>mayor and will leave...without any apologies to the poor comrades!
>democracy? human right? X'mas? where is such a thing in here? only stupid
>boring saint nicolas mocks our situation of poverty. we can not forgive him

>and his subjects. Comrades, we need your solidarity for this struggle.
> if you can, please send protest letters(e-mails) to the following address

>by 14 December 2003, or please send FAX to the following add. same letters

>CCing to rebel_jill@resist.ca ;
>City of Osaka, Chicago Office
>c/o JETRO Chicago
>401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 660
>Chicago, Illinois
>60611 USA
>Tel: 1-(312)832-6001
>Fax: 1-(312)832-6066
>Email: info@osakacity.org
>                                  thanks. in solidarity! (rebel_JILL)
> we'll be singing
>when we're winning
> we'll be singing
>i get knocked down
> but i get up again
>u're never going to keep me down(ChumbaWamba)
>              $$ $$
>              $$ $$
>\\           $$ $$             \\
>$$      $$$$$$$$$$$$       $$
>$$   $$$$  $$$$  $$$$$     $$
>     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
>  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
>\\\\\\\\\\      \\\\\\\\\\\
>\\\\\\\\            \\\\\\\\\
> instead of THEIR violence,
>  WE must try to get OUR MUTUAL AID SOCIETIES
>   all over the world.(@Libertaire-JILL)
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