[Hpn] A Open Letter To President Bush~ Thank You Martha Yager~

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Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:03:31 -0500

Letters to the editor - 12/12/03

Terror in being homeless and unemployed
To the editor:
(An open letter to President Bush)

Since the attacks in September 2001, you have placed the issue of terrorism
at the center of your administration's policies. I am writing because
terrors of a different nature are haunting many Americans and needlessly
jeopardizing our nation's future. Fortunately, you can fight them by
changing your administration's spending and tax priorities.
There is terror in being homeless. With median two-bedroom rental costs of
over $900 per month in New Hampshire, almost half of renters pay more than
30 percent of their income for housing. Yet, your administration supports
large cuts for housing assistance and has not raised the minimum wage
despite. A layoff or unexpected medical expense is enough to send a family
into a downward spiral ending with eviction.

There is terror in losing your job, especially when losing your paycheck can
mean losing your home, health care and savings. Yet, there has been a net
loss of 3.3 million jobs since you became president. Your policies have
fueled unemployment while leaving millions of Americans without unemployment
or health insurance.

There is terror in facing illness without insurance. Illness can be
frightening, but when that comes with lack of insurance, it is terrifying.
Yet on your watch, the number of uninsured rose to 43.6 million people last
We cannot continue to let resources for housing, jobs, and health care be
hijacked. These are terrors that we know how to address. But you have
simultaneously made huge tax cuts that benefit millionaires while waging a
very costly war on Iraq.

When people in this country plead for adequate funding for housing, health
care, education and jobs, we are told that there is a deficit and we have to
cut expenses. Yet, you were quick to give costly insider contracts in Iraq
to Halliburton and other corporations that contributed to your campaign. It
is tax cuts coupled with war spending, not spending on meeting human needs,
which has plunged us into deficit.

You can stop the terror, Mr. President. We do now have obligations to Iraq,
but to meet them you should encourage full U.N. participation in the
rebuilding and fund local companies to oversee reconstruction. Repeal the
tax cuts for the wealthiest and use the savings for housing, health care and
education, all of which will create jobs and real economic security.

Martha Yager
Coordinator for NH Housing Forum

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