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Sites for shelter for area homeless to be considered

Yvonne Wingett - The Arizona Republic - Dec. 10, 2003

Phoenix, AZ - A proposed taxpayer-funded regional homeless
shelter will target families and will be transitional - allowing
families to stay for up to two years, a citizen's committee
has decided.

The 18-member panel, which is still in the early stages of
searching for a site for the 200-bed facility, meets again
today to discuss possible locations, including some outside
of Phoenix.

Phoenix officials and board members say it has been tough to
find a spot that's compatible with nearby neighborhoods,
because residents and business owners are likely to feel
uneasy living near a homeless shelter.

Like any contentious land-use decision, board member Dwight
Amery, said, "Everyone knows there's a need, but they don't
want it in their back yard."

Phoenix voters approved the $7 million facility in a 2001
bond package with the understanding that it would be on four
acres north of Camelback Road.

However, city officials are now exploring an opportunity to
join another community to build the regional shelter.

The 30,000-square-foot campus would offer case management,
job placement and training programs.

About 12,000 people in Maricopa County are homeless; the
current shelter system houses about a third, leaving about
8,000 on the streets each night, according to a city report.

For now, Phoenix's recently opened winter overflow shelter
is supplementing year-round homeless shelters.

The building, at 1120 W. Watkins St., provides shelter for
up to 350 single men, 40 single women and 10 families with
children each night.

After a series of public meetings, the panel likely will
identify a site for the shelter within eight months.

Members are considering these locations, among others:

• Southeast corner of 19th Avenue and Deer Valley Drive.
• 15th Drive, south of Deer Valley Drive.
• 21st Avenue, north of Peoria Avenue.
• 19th Avenue, south of Desert Cove Avenue.
• 19th Avenue and Cheryl Drive.
• 44th Avenue, south of Camelback Road.
• Augusta Apartments, 27th and Northern avenues.
• 51st and Maryland avenues.
• 76th Street and Greenway-Hayden Loop.

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