[Hpn] Las Vegas, NV - Record Homeless Dying on Valley Streets - KLAS 8 TV News - December 10, 2003

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Record Homeless Dying on Valley Streets

By Staff Writers - KLAS 8 TV News - December 10, 2003

Las Vegas, NV - More homeless people have died on Las Vegas
streets this year than last. And as recently as this week, another
48-year-old man was found dead.

Brian Brooks with Nevada Health Centers says this is the
worst time of the year for the homeless, "When the
temperature gets down below 50 and it's raining, where it
gets down in the 40s and 30s, then people are at a lot
greater risk of dying from exposure."

55 homeless people have died in Clark County so far this year.

52 homeless people died in all of 2002, and 40 in 2001.

Brooks says drug abuse also plays a factor. Clark County has
created a new task force to address the problem of
homelessness in the Valley.

A new county homeless coordinator could be hired next

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