[Hpn] TB resurfaces in Toronto shelter

Diana Goodavage dianagoodavage@charter.net
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 07:27:30 -0600

This is really horrible.

The country the man came from was probably an African nation. Our friends in
the drug companies have been withholding proper treatments from the African
nations for quite some time now.

I wonder how they're able to do that? Wouldn't they need that extra
business? No, of course not. They have forced "treatment" for "mental
illness" to make up the difference.

Another little question keeps popping into my mind:  I'm wondering if these
drug companies aren't linked with the tobacco companies, and they need the
money to help pay the tobacco settlements to the states.

Graeme, have you posted this to the SCI lists?

Diana G.

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> December 11, 2003 01:00 AM The Toronto Star
> Man who stayed at shelter has TB
> Clinic set up at Seaton House to screen cases
> Cramped conditions may lead to outbreak
> A homeless man who spent 2 1/2 months at the Seaton House shelter has
> been diagnosed with tuberculosis.
> The man brought TB with him from a country where the disease is endemic,
> Toronto Public Health said yesterday. It has set up screening clinics at
> the shelter for staff, residents and volunteers who may have spent time
> with the man, who is now being treated in hospital.
> Information is also being sent to all emergency rooms, shelters, drop-in
> centres and homeless-care providers to alert them of the case and to ask
> them to look out for symptoms of TB, said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Toronto's
> associate medical officer of health.
> While the board has a fairly good list of the men who stayed at the
> shelter, "there's always a concern about tracking people down," she
> said. "We're working very hard with Seaton House to ensure we contact
> everyone."
> Toronto has about 400 cases of TB each year, about 10 to 15 of them in
> shelters.
> The case is exactly what advocates for the homeless have been warning
> could lead to another TB outbreak because of overcrowding in the
> shelters that contributes to spreading the disease, said Beric German,
> of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. Cramped conditions are one
> focus of an inquest that began last month into the death of Joseph
> Teigesser, one of three homeless people who died during a TB outbreak in
> Toronto shelters in 2001-2.
> --------------------------
> `We're really frightened of these developments.... We will have TB
> outbreaks for some time.'
> Beric German,
> Toronto Disaster Relief Committee.
> --------------------------
> The committee lobbied for two years to get the inquest, but after four
> days it was postponed until March because the inquest counsel was made a
> judge.
> German and other disaster relief members were meeting to discuss how to
> get action on some of their recommendations when news of the new case
> was released yesterday, he said.
> "We're really frightened of these developments....We will have TB
> outbreaks for some time," he said.
> "We had hoped the inquest would have sparked people to begin working on
> these issues, but now there's this new delay and we're going into winter."
> The committee wants the provincial government to spend more on TB
> prevention programs and provide rent supplements to get people out of
> shelters, among other things.
> "We're going to ask the government to implement some of the
> recommendations we've come up with. That's all we can do now," he said.
> The committee also hopes to meet with Mayor David Miller to ask for
> measures like expanding new shelters downtown and including more
> affordable housing in redevelopment plans for the waterfront, he said.