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Westgate Hotel to open doors to homeless

By Staff Writers - CFCN Television News - December 08, 2003

The Westbrook Hotel is going to be full this Christmas.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - The former hotel on Bow Trail
S.W. has been abandoned for years and the building is slated
for demolition to make room for a new condo development.

But in the meantime, the city is expected to approve turning
into a shelter for homeless Calgarians over the winter

The plan will see the Inn From The Cold operate the hotel
from mid-December until the end of March.

Link: Inn From The Cold http://www.innfromthecold.org/

There are 70-rooms in the Westgate, and organizers say more
than one person will be able to stay in some of the rooms.

The charity currently buses families to more than
60-churches on a rotating basis. There, people receive
dinner, a bed for the night and breakfast the following

The agreement, which has the backing of alderman Craig
Burrows, still needs to approved by the city's planning
commision.  That is expected on Thursday.

For more information on Inn From The Cold,
click on the link above.

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