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Homeless Homicide

By Staff Writers - KHNL 8 TV News - December 8, 2003

Waianae, HI - Police were on scene investigating an early
Sunday morning homicide that happend on the Waianae
Coast. They say it all started with an argument."

Police investigators are trying to figure out what went
wrong in a tent.

"At about 5:50 this morning witnesses in the parking lot
heard a woman scream from the beach," said Lt. Bill Kato.

Shortly after, a woman staggered through a parking lot to
the edge of the road, she collapsed, and died minutes later
at a hospital nearby.

Peggy Savella lives in a neighboring tent. She said that the
woman was arguing with a man early Sunday morning . "They
were grumbling about the tent, she wanted that guy to get
out of the tent, but he's semi-paralyzed yeah?

So he said 4 o'clock you're waking me up? Where I'm gonna
sleep, on the sand?," said Savella. The aruging stopped and
Peggy thought everything was fine.

"I walked back to my tent then I heard the ambulance after
maybe an hour, 45 minutes and then I came down and she was
on the road lying down."  Police believe the man stabbed the

Peggy knew the suspect. He lived with her family three years
ago. "At that time he was okay, now since he had coma and
stroke and all that - he's changed a little bit," said

She wondered what happened to him. The couple had moved to
the beach three days ago. Police have arrested a 39-year old
male while the case remains under investigation.

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