[Hpn] Americans abroad taking action

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Mon, 8 Dec 2003 03:43:56 -0800

Hi all,

First of all, I want to say that this is very definitely NOT off the topic of
homelessness. As Americans abroad are seeing the Bush Madministration gutting
one domestic program after another while stripping the Constitution and Bill
of Rights, we are getting alarmed. 

First of all:
Cost of War

Cost of the War in Iraq (at the exact time I'm posting this):
Compare to the cost of:
8,996,491 additional children could attend a year of Head Start
Kids Health:
27.274,000+ children could be given health care for a year
Public Education
1,200,000+ school teachers could be hired for a year
College Scholarships
1,614,000+ scholarships could be given
Public Housing
909,037 additional units of affordable housing could be built

American Voices Abroad

"American Voices Abroad - Berlin
was founded in February 2003 in opposition to the Iraq War. After many months
of anti-war activity, “American Voices Abroad – Berlin” was incorporated. We
continue to oppose the occupation of Iraq, the doctrine of preventive war, and
the repressive policies of the Bush administration, as embodied in the Patriot

Expats Against Bush

Expats Against Bush Norway

Words to close this post with: It's winter time. Hypothermia time. And the last
time I saw my country was as a homeless person- a homeless person flying overseas
to live in another country, taking three small pieces of luggage with me. That
was in 1999.

If I were to fly back to my country today (that is, assuming some financial
miracle happened that would give me enough for the plane ticket).. I STILL WOULD
BE HOMELESS. Maybe a few friends on this list would let me couch-surf:-) but
the bottom line is that it is impossible for me to forget the reality of how
it is to be homeless in the US. And from what I hear, that reality has gotten
far worse.


I believe in my friends and their work, and in the work we are doing together.
Listing their sites (one of mine is included) should not be taken to mean they
necessarily agree with what I've posted just now, so reserve any mudslinging
for yours truly:-)

American Homeless Land Model


Disabled, Displaced and Human Rights

Bridget Reilly

NorseHorse's Home Turf

Dignity Village

Welcome to Name My Stuff 


and many more!!! Here's to ALL of us.



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