[Hpn] Message from the front lines

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Mon, 8 Dec 2003 02:50:08 -0800

Way to go, Chance!! You go, guy!!! :-) :-) :-)

I've bookmarked the link to Matt Gonzalez' site and will be passing it along
and linking to it whenever and wherever I can. It was such a relief to hear
someone who's running for office address the real problems behind homelessness
that I started crying.

Now go get in there and WIN:-)


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><DIV>Dear Bill,</DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>The revolution has started here in San Francisco. </DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>Go to this page, and read everything on it (including my own "get >out
>vote" magnum opus):</DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>

><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>I guess the whole world's watching this campaign. Le Monde, the >London

>Globe, Time, and the nice young man from the Christian Science Monitor >who

>interviewed me. I've talked to so many reporters that I don't what to >say

>anymore that isn't some campaign message statement. </DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>Bottom line: we are going to win. That also means the machine dems >are

>going to try to tamper with the election...guaranteed. Remember, we've >had

>"irregularities" in at least three elections under Willie Brown, the >most

>notable being some 40 ballot boxes found floating in the bay by the >Coast
>in the election we had for Brown's initiative to build Pac Bell 
>ballpark. </DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>We've organized precinct captains and poll monitors for all 533 >polling

>places in the city, so they ain't going to have an easy time of it. The >only

>real edge that rat-fuck Newsom has is the absentee ballots >-- because 
>Newsom's been running for three years now (when he started the Care Not >Cash

>shit) while Matt's been in the race only four months.</DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>Anyway, read the article. And >please post this to all 
>those lists, too. I would, but your email is the only one I have in my >yahoo

>address book.</DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV>Another world IS possible, Bill. And this campaign is the living 
><DIV> </DIV>
><DIV> </DIV>
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