[Hpn] Washington, DC - Governor's Medicaid Reform Task Force Formed - National Coalition for the Homeless - April 09, 2003

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Governor's Medicaid Reform Task Force Formed

Coalition alert: Help save the Medicaid program
By Staff Writers - National Coalition for the Homeless - April 09,

Washington, DC - The National Governor's Association
has formed a Medicaid Reform Task Force to examine the
Medicaid program and work with Congress and the
Administration to develop and plan of reform.

One of the group's tasks will be to asses the
President's Medicaid proposal and to develop
recommendations and/or an alternate proposal.

The President's current proposal could effectively
destroy Medicaid as an entitlement program and create a
block grant that would give states the option to remove
coverage or benefits from many current Medicaid

Members of the NGA Task Force are:

Gov. Paul Patton (KY) - co-chair
Gov. Kempthorne (ID) - co-chair
Gov. Jeb Bush (FL)
Gov. Frank O'Bannon (IN)
Gov. Tom Vilsack (IA)
Gov. Robert Ehrlich (MD)
Gov. Bob Holden (MO)
Gov. John Hoeven (ND)
Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)
Gov. John Rowland (CT)

If you woud like to help:

1. Call your governor and ask him/her to oppose the President's
Medicaid reform proposal. Explain the importance of the
entitlement program as it currently operates, and express
opposition to forming a block grant that could cause long-term
damage to the program and to the people it serves.

2. If your governor is not a member of the Medicaid task force,
ask them to contact those members (listed above) and strongly
urge them to oppose Administration Medicaid plan. Ask them to
support expansions to the current entitlement program instead.

3. Report the results of your calls to Mary Elizabeth May at

For more information, contact Mary Elizabeth May at (202)
737-6444, ext. 28 or memay@nationalhomeless.org.
source page:   http://www.nationalhomeless.org/health/medicaidgov.html