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paula farrell paula_95814@yahoo.com
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 11:57:37 -0700 (PDT)

Homeward Street Journal - Sacramento
We were told of StreetSheet, San Francisco's vending,
that they don't charge the vendors for the papers and
they don't have advertisement (though maybe they could
if not excessive), to show clearly that they are not
dessiminating the paper for profitable purposes. This
may make their distribution by vendors accepting
donations and keeping all donations themselves, free
from any arguments that they are excersizing freedom
of speech/information.  Please confirm this
information with them. They have still had to get
letters from the police department and city hall that
clearly confirms their right to distribute the paper
without vending permits.  I think they get the letters
renewed from time to time. Please confirm - this is
just my understanding.

About the panhandling, I think that is clearly a
freedom of speech issue and would be a selective
inforcement, indeed, considering the prevelance of
organizations like my own that routinely ask
foundations and community members for cash, but in
greatly exagerated amounts, you know? Would I be
expected to get a permit to ask a friend to kick me
down a buck?  My friend or stranger can clearly
exersize the right to say "no way" or "sure".

I know there are problems with aggressiveness
sometimes but can't that be regulated by other
ordinances?  There are so many laws already in place
that cover anti-social behavior, like stalking and

(not a lawyer nor SF vendor)

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